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  1. @Vero Haha, great, thanks. I might discontinue my project then.
  2. now with icon thanks for your support, deanishe.
  3. … give me a break. This morning I had to google "osascript", not knowing what it was. I'll get into painting icons later this week.
  4. thanks for your help. This might be more like it: https://github.com/hfr-hfr/alfred-workflows/tree/master/CopyAsPlaintext/src ?
  5. thanks for the hint. Like this: https://github.com/hfr-hfr/alfred-workflows/blob/master/CopyAsPlaintext/SourceCode ?
  6. Hi, I sometimes ran into the problem that there still was some formatting (e.g. URLs) in my clipboard even though I pasted it as plaintext. With this tiny script, there will be nothing but plaintext left. Have fun. Download Source I linked it to Command+Option+Shift+C (equivalent to paste as plaintext). Saves me time every day. (I'm new to this, please tell me if I misbehaved in any way)
  7. I added a few lines to your great script, vitor, to use Firefox as my default browser. "Open tab in Firefox" works out of the box, switching back to previously active tab works with a tiny modification in Firefox (see below). Here's my code: osascript <<EOF tell application "System Events" to set myFrontMost to name of first item of (processes whose frontmost is true) if myFrontMost is "Firefox" then tell application "Firefox" activate open location "${url}" tell application "System Events" to key code 48 using control down end tell end if EOF pbcopy <<< "${email}" To enable "return to previously viewed tab", do the following in Firefox (otherwise Firefox will show you the newly opened tab with tempmail-URL): - browse about:config - find browser.ctrlTab.previews - set true (via https://superuser.com/questions/290704/switching-back-to-last-tab-on-firefox) Have fun.
  8. Hi Vitor, thanks for your work. Unfortunately your workflow does not do anything for me. I installed it, ran the updater, can see both "tmpmail" choices, but none of them does anything. No tab opens, nothing gets copied to clipboard. No matter whether I give an argument after "tmpmail" or not. That's what the debug says: Starting debug for 'TemporaryEmail' [2017-06-21 15:51:34][input.keyword] Processing output of 'action.script' with arg '' [2017-06-21 15:51:36][action.script] Processing output of 'action.script' with arg '' Any advice?
  9. Thanks for the workaround! Let's see what future updates will bring.
  10. Yes, that's what I thought, too. There is no way to combine this yet, is there?
  11. …helped a lot. Thanks, Vero! I'll wait for that Java update then.
  12. I'm referring to option 1 - cycling through fields in an external form. (Typinator is capable of doing that, Alfred not at the moment)
  13. My Snippets are not expanding in Native Instruments software (e.g. Maschine 2) - everywhere else it works. I can hear the expanding sound, the keyword disappears, but no Snippet appears. (The software is not excluded from expanding in Alfred's prefs) Thanks.
  14. I have no idea how complicated this would be - but it should be possible (see Typinator or KeepassX). Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. You're right, it seems to be Mail's problem, in other apps it works without the additional blank.
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