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  1. Taskade has been upgraded with incredible add-ons that now allow you to unleash the full potential of your productivity. With the ability to create agents to perform tasks for you and to set up automations, the possibilities are endless. However, I would love to leverage Alfred seamlessly: 1. Select text or links and seamlessly send them to a project as a task or as part of a task list. 2. Download PDFs or assets directly into Taskade's media tray from a link by simply copying to Alfred. 3. Access a project using an Alfred shortcut and view its tasks, enabling me to easily mark them as completed. 4. Effortlessly create a project or add a task to an existing project directly through Alfred. I have more specific requirements, but these are the essential features that I would love to see integrated into a workflow.
  2. I am completely unaware of the meaning behind your words.
  3. @harlowhenry Got it! I’m only good at html/css java and php! So, I think Alfred will never handle Taskade for me then…
  4. Thank you, Andrew! Although I'm not a programmer, I would absolutely love to utilize Alfred with Taskade. Now that the API is accessible, I am determined to figure out a way to make it happen.
  5. I was looking for a workflow to use with Taskade, my Task Manager tool. Unfortunately, I discovered that an API was required to create one, but the developer of Taskade didn't have one at the time. This dashed my hopes of having the workflow I wanted. However, now the developer has released an API for sharing, and I'm wondering if using it will allow me to finally create my desired workflow. There's just one problem - I'm not a programmer, and this will be my first attempt at using the Alfred platform for that. Is it possible for me to create a workflow with the API, or is it beyond my capabilities?
  6. They have an API now! https://developers.taskade.com/docs/
  7. They have one now! https://developers.taskade.com/docs/
  8. My apologies if I inadvertently gave the impression that your assistance was not appreciated. I assure you it was not my intention. Moving on to another matter, @Andrew input was more along the lines of "aiding" rather than simply "delivering information". The inclusion of a useful link and his pinpoint accurate responses were indeed commendable. Thanks to both for your patience and help! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!
  9. @Andrew So, I need to erased the one I have and Install that version and everything will be back to normal? OMG! yes! thanks. BTW I'm running in my Mac mini M1 Version 5.1.3 is that the latest version for Ventura? So far so good with that version.
  10. I told you what Machine and OS I am using. Every time I try to see preferences or about the app it crashes. Is there other way to see the app version? Maybe if you tell me how I can tell you.
  11. This week, the status changed to 'In Progress'! That's promising!
  12. I have a Mac from 2011 running macOS Yosemite 10.10 and lately I can access the preferences. I can use it for everything I was used to the only thing I can't is accessing the preferences and I need to update a couple of workflows. Is there a way to fix this or this is too old for you to resolve? In case you need to know I have various Macs from different years. Some are used as servers other as App especific machines and M1 as well...
  13. My team use a Team Collaboration Platform called Taskade and It will be great to use Alfred to add tasks and update projects. They even offer API.
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