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  1. I will try to record a screenvideo so in case doesn’t work you can tell me what I’m doing wrong then... thanks man.
  2. Thanks for your help man. I just need a little bit of direction... where I place that code? Sorry for the stupid question
  3. fair enough... let's pretend I go to https://daringfireball.net and instead of read all his posts I just bring Alfred and write a word I know it's inside of the post I'm looking for... when I hit enter that word is selected in the page I'm reading.
  4. Sometimes I don't want to read the whole blog again to find the paragraph about 'pitfalls' is there a way to use Alfred to search on a page just for a word? maybe is already done and I just don't know about it. let me know
  5. for some reason it stop working after the workflow update... damn!
  6. Well I have iStats Menu Pro installed and everytime I launch RightFont app you can see how fast the ram icon get full and everything freezes. I need to wait like 15 mins to be able to use my computer again. And that’s just one example. With the Ram reset it works flawlessly. I guess I need to max out the ram of my Mac then.
  7. I don't think you're right. I have a High Sierra OS running on my Mac Mini and I need to use constantly an app that "free" the ram of my computer because if I don't my Mac Mini is unusable. before that app I was restarting the Mac mini everytime I was in the slow zone. it was frustrating but that app has been something very helpful.
  8. this is another from my default collection: illuminate version 2 https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/YFMqRvyhWH/
  9. just sharing my fav https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/cBkWIQb2fg/
  10. Here is my 2 cents for the Mac OS Lion users Download here: https://cl.ly/333N1t2y0I0j
  11. too geeky for me. I wasn't able to installed it.
  12. You just need to install the workflow as always and yes, copy paste will do the trick! Update everything inside the workflow.
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