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  1. The airmail app has just been released out of beta and it would be awesome to integrate it with alfred http://airmailapp.info/
  2. Is there a way to integrate Alfred with Found? I love the accuracy of found to find my on/offline cloud files. Found App: https://www.foundapp.com/
  3. Hey everyone I was looking around to fill my workflow list from a fresh start up and I found it very difficult to find a good list of useful workflows that I can browse and download what I wanted. Its pretty time consuming going through the forums and going through each thread to find anything. Do you guys have any suggestions on this? I honestly feel like creating a simple website that would have a list of a bunch of workflows and themes for people to browse through and download. Developers could submit their workflows and users could request workflows. etc etc. Thoughts?
  4. Is there some kind of giant list that new users could pick and choose from? I find it a hassle to go through the forum finding what you want. A dedicated website or blog with requests built in would be cool.
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