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  1. For each workspace I need to duplicate the workflow – or is there another solution?
  2. I would really appreciate that. It is a pain to use Alfred with a custom keyboard, I need to switch to qwerty every time I need to do something involving Alfred... I love Alfred and I'm a mega supporter, but this is really a big bump for me.
  3. The conclusion from two weeks of using several custom keyboard layouts extensively: Alfred is not compatible with copying. I need to switch to one of the layouts provided by Apple to do anything that involves Alfred. It seems that is the problem is that Alfred tries to use ⌘c shortcut while copying, but uses instead the qwerty letter that originally lies in the place where C is in the given layout. Here is how i figured it out. Things that not work with with custom layouts are snippets, while snippet menu and clipboard menus copy to clipboard instead of pas
  4. Thank you for looking to that. I too have the impression that the problem lies in the fact that this is a custom layout. I'll try other custom layouts when I'll have a free moment.
  5. Thank you for your comments, it makes sense. However, I use Bépo–⌘Qwery, so ⌘V is exactly where it should be (even though V is on a different key). It works for normal copy-paste and it works as expected. The only problem is with Alfred's snippets. I need each time to temporarily switch the layout, get the snippet and revert to Bépo... In the "Dvorak ⌘Qwerty" layout everything works as expected, including the snippets. Let's see what the team say. (As for the formatting, I have no idea why my comments appeared formatted initially.)
  6. Thank you! I'll try to do my best. It's the snippets that don't work with Bépo. They work correctly with Dvorak and Qwerty. In case of Bépo the keyword does disappear, but the snippet doesn't reappear. Keyboard shortcuts in workflows work correctly and according to the Bépo layout. What further information can I provide you with?
  7. This is a huge problem for me. I understand that you are not going to leave everything and start working on an issue that seems to affect only me. But maybe you have some clues or hypotheses at least? Is there something I can check? Please let me know if you read this.
  8. I reinstalled my system, I have the problem again, but now in "Application Support" I have only "Alfred", not "Alfred 3" or "Alfred 4". And the folder with the workflow is not there. So I guess my settings are gone and I cannot retrieve them, can I?
  9. @Gareth I don't like the way you present your arguments (also, you have no data to claim that people don't want themes, do you?), but you have a good point: the statistics of active browser users are potentially strongly biased. The impossibility to use the browser of choice due to Alfred's limitations definitely influences statistics. It would be interesting to find out which browsers Alfred users USE, but which they WOULD LIKE to use. However, I don't think that "Firefox: 5%" would suddenly become "People who'd love to use Firefox, but can't: 25%". Just because of the bookmarks?
  10. If I wanted to ask the same question about Vivaldi, should I open a new thread?
  11. I've just realised that your screenshot doesn't show workflows' icons. Sorry, my bad. But I think it could be a nice addition to add them to the workflow, if possible.
  12. After updating to Alfred 4, Searchio stopped working. 😱 Below is the log I get. I suppose one has to replace "Alfred 3" with "Alfred 4" or something similar, but I have no idea where. Searchio and Alfred are both up do date. [14:57:29.065] Logging Started... [14:57:34.577] Searchio![Script Filter] Queuing argument 't' [14:57:34.657] Searchio![Script Filter] Queuing argument 'te' [14:57:34.684] Searchio![Script Filter] Script with argument 't' finished [14:57:34.689] ERROR: Searchio![Script Filter] Code 1: 🍺 14:57:34 workflow.go:304: --------- Searchio!/2.0.1 (AwGo/0.14.0) ---------- 14:57:
  13. "Workflow incompatible. Please update to the latest version of Alfred." I do have the latest version, so unless you are able to amend the workflow for Alfred 3 without much labour, I'll have to wait for Alfred 4.
  14. @vitor The thing is that if this feature is implemented as requiring a very specific first character of the suffix (for example "\" or a double space which, I would still argue, people don't normally use in Alfred's window), nothing special will happen to the behaviour of other workflows or features. Unless the user does render them incompatible, but this can always happen anyway. Or are you trying to tell me that Alfred will not be able to await special orders and monitor whatever is typed in its window after we are past the first few letters? In any case, if you don't feel like it, you
  15. I have the impression that the problems you evoke indeed don't apply to web searches, so perhaps allowing OPTIONAL suffixes in this case won't cause problem? I will try to create one, thank you for the tip. But is there a way to somehow export my 250+ web searches?
  16. My sincere thanks. I am learning a lot about how Alfred works from your replies. However, I still have an impression that if Alfred allowed prefixes to be turned on in individual workflows, it would not interfere with other workflows, unless the user makes it interfere. Actually, I don't have a Workflow. I just have these 250+ Web Searches in the relevant tab of Alfred settings. I will think if I am able to transform these into a workflow (but I don't even see an option in Alfred to copy or export these searches). If it wasn't clear already, I don't know anything about coding and t
  17. You have good arguments for not using such optional suffixes. But you have only one good argument for not implementing such optional suffixes: lack of interest. It’s not worth it to spend time on a feature that won’t be used by many. However, I would argue that a thread such as this is not representative. People may not even realise this feature is possibly useful. We are very much used to prefixes as keywords. On the other hand, perhaps it wouldn’t be very difficult to implement? I have no idea. @vitor 1. Thank you for the workflow. Indeed I didn’t realise that it would work
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