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  1. This is very handy. I don't know anything about scripting, but I'm wondering if it would be a simple thing to create a version of that script that does the following: Ejects all disk images (not disks). That's it. No selecting, no trashing, just a one-button disk image ejector. Failing that, I presume that deleting the second half of your script will do the ejecting part without the trashing part, as so: log() { echo "$@" >/dev/stderr } log "name=$dmgname, mount=$dmgmount, path=$dmgpath" # unmount out="$( hdiutil detach "$dmgmount" 2>&1 )" hds=$? if [[ $hds -ne 0 ]]; then log "hdiutil exit status: $hds" log "$out" echo "$out" exit 1 fi
  2. maybe i misunderstand how it's supposed to work, but i just installed the packal, selected an image on the desktop and hit the hotkey.. nothing. i'm on catalina, so maybe that's it?
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