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  1. It's out on github - https://github.com/ginfuru/alfred-screen-capture If you want to contribute feel free.
  2. I'll dig into both Phenoix and Slate and see how I can create a workflow.
  3. This one works - http://d.pr/f/1hMXB If you want to flush your DNS be sure to update the script since you're on Mt Lion dscacheutil -flushcache | sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
  4. @Benzi Any chance of getting this updated to do both TinyPNG and TinyJPG?
  5. I've had this workflow since Alred 1 days... but I thought I had posted it a while back, but couldn't locate it. The workflow creates a zip archive of the top most finder selected files with a keyboard trigger (of your own setting) or using the keyword zip Download it: https://github.com/ginfuru/alfred-zip-workflow
  6. My reason for making this workflow to was to eliminate the need to an app like Skitch... I believe Skitch has keyboard triggers which would be faster than using Alfred, if that's the route you're using to create your screenshots. To assign a name just do what I suggested and it will assign the date and time as the file name. To copy to your clipboard... add -c screencapture -c
  7. You changed the screencapture command. Here is a link to an updated workflow just for you: http://i.makitra.in/UBol if you don't want to open the screen shots remove the "P" just before ~/Desktop/$now.png
  8. If you want to append a timestamp to your screen shots... edit the script to read something like: now=$(date +"%m_%d_%y at %I.%M.%S%p") screencapture -icWP ~/Desktop/{query}-$now.png # echo something echo {query}-$now.png this will append the date and timestamp. If you want to remove naming the screenshots then update the workflow's 'Keyword' to have 'No Argument' and then edit the script and remove {query} now=$(date +"%m_%d_%y at %I.%M.%S%p") screencapture -icWP ~/Desktop/$now.png # echo something echo $now.png
  9. Here is the github repo.... look at the readme section showing the Example for Photoshop. Replace photoshop with skitch https://github.com/edtv82/Alfred-ScreenCapture
  10. One of the default features of Alfred is under Features >> File Search >> Opening Files: If you set that to say 'open' and then search for the file you're looking for inside of Insync It will open it in your browser You could also create a File Filter workflow to do the same if you only want to search your Insync files
  11. Takes a screenshot of a window and copys it to your clipboard: screencapture -icW ~/Desktop/{query}.png Takse a screenshot of a window and saves to your desktop: screencapture -iW ~/Desktop/{query}.png
  12. I've updated the link... but the workflow has changed a lot since then... you'll need to modify it to fit your computer.
  13. How do I add alfred:ignore since spotlight comments are now gone from Mavericks. ? answered my own question
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