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  1. So glad you made this one Dean. If Alfred has access to the calendars, do you need to separately allow the workflow access to calendar? No prompt has come up, and the workflow isn't pulling up any upcoming meetings even after tweaking the event across different calendars and adjusting the config.
  2. Thanks - it was happening with all videos. Although it was saying youtube-dl is up to date, I tried again after using sudo youtube-dl -U and that's now working
  3. Vitor you're a legend. Happy to pay for your time if you can identify what's going wrong here: I've run that command, youtube-dl is now up to date, but still showing URL invalid. Last time I used the workflow successfully was 2-3 days ago. Video link below. MacOS version: 11.2.3 Alfred version: 4.3.4 [18:08:50.910] Logging Started... [18:08:56.567] DownMedia[Script Filter] Queuing argument '' [18:08:56.948] DownMedia[Script Filter] Script with argv '' finished [18:08:56.951] STDERR: DownMedia[Script Filter] /Applications/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.BB99C167-5EC9-4A9D-8411-9EA25AE11CAD/get_title_and_url.js: execution error: Error: Error: You need a supported browser as your frontmost app (-2700) [18:08:56.952] DownMedia[Script Filter] {"items":[{"uid":"downmedia video","subtitle":"Add to WatchList (⌥): true 𐄁 Full Playlist (⌘): false","valid":true,"variables":{"media_type":"video","add_to_watchlist":true,"full_playlist":false},"mods":{"cmd":{"subtitle":"Add to WatchList (⌥): true 𐄁 Full Playlist (⌘): true","variables":{"media_type":"video","Add_to_watchlist":true,"full_playlist":true}},"alt":{"subtitle":"Add to WatchList (⌥): false 𐄁 Full Playlist (⌘): false","variables":{"media_type":"video","add_to_watchlist":false,"full_playlist":false}},"cmd+alt":{"subtitle":"Add to WatchList (⌥): false 𐄁 Full Playlist (⌘): true","variables":{"media_type":"video","add_to_watchlist":false,"full_playlist":true}}},"title":"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDlBHm91FxM","arg":"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDlBHm91FxM"}]} [18:08:57.578] DownMedia[Script Filter] Processing complete [18:08:57.578] DownMedia[Script Filter] Passing output 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDlBHm91FxM' to Run Script [18:08:59.819] ERROR: DownMedia[Run Script] ERROR: VDlBHm91FxM: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data [18:08:59.825] DownMedia[Run Script] Processing complete [18:08:59.826] DownMedia[Run Script] Passing output '' to Run Script
  4. I'm having the same issue - previously working but not anymore - I don't think I have brew installed on this machine. How did you update it? If I hadn't installed brew before, would there be a different way to update the dependencies?
  5. I see that preview shows the file size, is there any way to customise which fields show up in the file preview? For me, it only shows 'created' and 'modified', nothing I can see in the settings on how to change this.
  6. Thanks - makes sense. Once you got used to it, 125 searches/month would get used up fast. So the alternative is using a search engine that has a free API. Looks like: Bing Faroo Gigablast Entireweb Yacy Looks like the Bing workflow hasn't been supported for a few years
  7. Free version might be all that's needed for this: Basically, just trying to find a way to quickly find and copy a URL - with the right keywords you can bet it'll be the first result. Current process has default fallback as 'i'm feeling lucky', then opening that as a tab, copying the URL and pasting it into whatever I was doing. But there must be a way to take out the intermediate steps?
  8. Hi Andrew - I can now reproduce it with safari and brave: Device: M1 Macbook pro Reproduced by searching image on google: Right click >> Copy image - If you quit Alfred, does Brave hang when trying to copy an image? Once alfred is quit, brave works as normal Just checked with latest version of alfred - problem still persists. To fix you need to force quit alfred via activity monitor and relaunch
  9. What you were doing when the issue happened: Right click → copy image on Brave browser Whether you were able to replicate it - Replicable Include any screenshots that might help us Include the Alfred version & build number you are using - 4.3 Include your macOS version 11.0.1 Behaviour: The current tab and alfred both hang, and are not able to be opened. Alfred then needs to be force-quitted via Activity monitor
  10. I totally agree - this would shoot to my #1 use for alfred, I'm constantly sending people links which I just need to quickly locate, rather than the cumbersome process of searching it on a browser, copying the link, and sending. Anyone have any suggestions on this?
  11. Nice work man! This looks great. I hope they introduce this natively soon 🙏️
  12. Likewise man, this is brilliant. Any plans to include the iOS 14.2 emojis?
  13. You are a hero among men. Since evernote have kamikazed themselves this month, I've been looking for an alternative, but the key lacking feature in apple notes was their ⌘J search. This plugs that gap. Time to move over 💪
  14. Do you know of any search engines that allow use of their API for inline search? In lieu of this one, I now just have duckduckgo 'i'm feeling lucky' as my top fallback
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