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  1. Hey @xgo that's a great addition! I am happy to add this to the library or if you want to open a PR at the GitHub repo let me know
  2. Alfred Hackernews Find the top stories from hackers right in Alfred. Find the source code here: https://github.com/kostyafarber/alfred-hackernews Find the latest version here: https://github.com/kostyafarber/alfred-hackernews/releases/ Usage
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to create workflow where I create a project folder and I want to pass the project name as an argument to the Script Filter which then runs a bash command. How can I ensure this will only pass the query once the project name is defined (not passing every typed character to the Script Filter). Ideally, I'd want something along the lines of: User types 'cool-project-name' into Alfred and only then this string is passed to the script filter not c then o then co etc. Maybe the user can hit enter to signify they are done typing the project name? I can't find out anywhere how to do this. Many thanks
  4. Hey @vitor just submitted this one in the gallery thread here. Let me know if you need anything else.
  5. I am the author of this workflow Link to Alfred Thread: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/19145-📓-notable-search-open-and-create-new-notes-in-notable-from-alfred/ Link to GitHub: https://github.com/kostyafarber/alfred-notable-workflow Screenshots:
  6. Hey Vitor, thank you! The link you've provided is just sending me back to this page? Am happy to provide screenshots without the background as soon as I can take a look at that link. Ah okay good pick up that is true. I'll change the documentation to reflect this.
  7. alfred-notable-workflow Search, open and create notes from Alfred in Notable. Improve your productivity 🚀 Find the source code at kostyafarber/alfred-notable-workflow Download the latest version here Usage Search New Note Enjoy! 👋
  8. Hey this is close. I think I wasn't clear enough. Is there any way to check if the app window is open. (i.e the app could be open but have it's window closed). I'd only want to run this branch if the window was open.
  9. Hi all, Is there a simple way to check if an application is open before executing a part of a workflow? I'm working on a workflow where at a certain point I have to introduce a delay. This is only necessary when the app is closed. However if the app is open then we don't need the delay. Is there any way to do this natively in Alfred or do I have to incorporate this into my code somehow? Thanks!
  10. Doh. Got it working. There was a static file dropped into the Open File Object...
  11. Okay no worries. Here's the rough workflow. I've added notes. Just drop any folder into the user configuration with markdown files in it. Thanks https://www.dropbox.com/s/zvgt4ljjemv9pfo/Notable Search.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  12. Also for example @vitor, In my Python script (using Script Filter) I am passing this path to the File Open object: /Users/kostyafarber/Dropbox/notes/Adding Captions to a Figure.md' But it's not being opened. This is the debug but nothing happens on my end. I know on Mac that spaces are escaped with forward slashes, maybe that's causing an issue? If I do the exact same thing but with a File Filter Object and pass that to a File Open object I see the exact same thing in the debug but it works (my file is opened in the default application). Why isn't it working when I pass the exact same path from a Script Filter? Unsure what's going on here. Thanks.
  13. For example when I add the path ~/Dropbox/notes, in the JSON Config is looks like "~\/Dropbox\/notes. Problem is in my Python script the file paths appear as usual without the escaping forward slashes. Is there some way to transform the file path within Alfred or if not is there any documentation to how file paths should be formatted to be passed as arguments to consequent workflow objects so I can format them accordingly. Thanks
  14. Hi all, I'm trying to configure a file filter that has a dynamic search scope. I'm aware we can use the JSON Utility and set the scope as a file path in a list, in the configs key. I wanted to set the scope based on a user configured variable (which is a file path that the user drags into the config). I was trying to set it up but it wasn't working. The problem is: When I set the scope manually I checked the file path and each file path (backslash) delimiter / is escaped with a (forward slash) \. When I access the variable (e.g {var:file_path}) it is not escaped. Is there an easy way to make sure that when I pass in this variable to JSON Config it's properly escaped? Or do I have to write some script filter that escapes it manually and pass that JSON to the file filter? Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Hi all, I am designing a workflow in python3 and have some questions about how to design a certain part of it's functionality. On a high level I want this workflow to search a collection of markdown files and return results based on certain attributes. These markdown files contain front matter, which in turn, contain tags. Extracting the tags, no problem. I'm just stuck on the best way to implement a way to efficiently store the data for lookup. I was thinking of implementing some sort of dict with tags as the keys and file paths/names as the values. My issue is that I want to: Not have to rebuild this dictionary every time a user queries for a tag. So some sort of cache comes to mind. I want to use fuzzy matching (e.g query 'gi' will match 'git'). But since I am extracting the data a step before I send it to Alfred I can't use Alfred's fuzzy searching. I've seen solutions using sqlite but I think that might be overkill at this time. I'm not gonna have 2,500+ notes. Another consideration is that I would want to update the cache when files have been added and deleted. So I'm not sure the best way to do this with Alfred or Python, being able to monitor a folder of files and update a cache or something similar based on addition and deletion to make sure the cache is properly updated. Any tips/suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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