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  1. I like to use my Pushcut workflow for all of my home automations.
  2. You can have a look at my quick video on the reddit post linked above. I have took some of the code from the existing workflow, and modified it so it can offer me a list of servers as I'm typing. I have took my time adding country flags to the script filter as well. Download: https://mega.nz/file/7TQF3ALR#z-hQhkfrH3dP4xsEmb9seGZPTzd6PcoHC3HN1AaPSus
  3. @Dudeman did you run the AlfredHelper from Alfred? (using !pushcutupdate) Did you supply this workflow your webhook secret key? (!pushcutapi) (note: webhook secret is different than the API key, this workflow is using the webhook key)
  4. It supports a few countries and both male and female names. Example: fname en f It wil return an English female name fname pl m It should return a Polish male name It will give you a notification when the name is ready and copies it to clipboard. It can also give you a random username for signing up to multiple websites, where you don't want to use the same username as everywhere else for privacy reasons. For that you can just type to Alfred fuser Requirement: This workflow needs a free app from App Store called "JSON hel
  5. @mjwalfreds May I ask how's the experiment going? Does it work as expected? Were my instructions clear? I personally love this workflow, wanted to make it for personal use first, but then I thought I should share..
  6. For those who are interested I have created a workflow for running iOS shortcuts from Alfred using a spare iOS (12.0 or above) device (I use a second hand iPhone SE). Here is a short video I have published to Reddit: This workflow requires a Siri Shortcut to get a list of your shortcuts: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/f8dcbc7ac14f4d03b1fc3bcebf28b2f5 Once the workflow has been imported you will need to put your Pushcut Webhook Secret key into the "api" variable by typing !pushcutapi in Alfred and then type into Alfred !pushcutupdate and Helper sh
  7. Use the keyword "in" So if you are looking for a letter starting with "Dear Marcus" in Dear Marcus should find it.
  8. Looked at the Alfred remote app in app store and it talks about Alfred 2, but I have the version of 4.1 under and the "What's new?" section it shows me the latest update was 5 years ago. Alfred on Mac is great, but that remote app is just.. so old looking. More can be achieved with Siri Shortcuts via SSH.
  9. Is there a way to install xmlhttprequest to run on my Mac just like it would work in browsers? Or is there another method of url requests that already works in javascript?
  10. I have downloaded the caffeinate workflow from here (or github cant remember). entered the command "caff 1hr" it tells me it will be active for an hour. Then I have walked away from my laptop came back and my screen was black and i was disconnected from the IRC channel I was on. What has happened? Am I not using the newest version of the workflow? Does it require permission that I might have forgot to give? I use Caffeinate 3.03.0 workflow. Thanks.
  11. I know that I can have my own custom search for DuckDuckGo, but sometimes I forget to type "d" before my query. Is it possible to change the main search engine?
  12. This forum runs on IPS, I love this software, it is even my choice of CMS for my webshop, it could potentially be a perfect Alfred Store where users can upload and optionally set the price and stuff.. People could still contribute for free if they want, but some people would be more motivated to create workflows for a price, and we could end up with more downloadable content. I don't think it's a stupid idea at all.
  13. I had a feeling it would not work this way. I will come up with some SSH workaround.
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