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  1. @dverb Ok, I started looking into it. I am all new to this all. So far I understand that the addition should be easy as long as you know the providers' ids. To get these ids you need to know their numbers from the sample requests from justwatch api using the Postman app. I am trying to understand how to work with postman as I have never played with apis myself. Gotta be fun. I will come back when I have any result. Sorry for long reply, work takes all my time recently.
  2. Also a question. Is it possible to implement some sort of a back button? If I get the scores and streaming platforms of a wrong movie - I have to restart the workflow, and that is complicated especially for those one-word name movies/series, since there is a high chance you will get lost.
  3. It is a common thing for many workflows, but I am specifically interested in 2: - Calculate Anything. Here if you add or delete anything in settings, and in my case I use it a lot, I need to do each action from the scratch. - WatchNow. Perfect workflow to find streaming platforms for movies and series. It however has to be restarted if, for example, you choose a wrong movie in a list. Anyway the developer here is a good sport, I will ask him on the related topic.
  4. Hello All, It might be a trivial problem, but I could not find the solution in the forum. Is there any way to go back in Alfred to previous menu? There were cases where I was getting deeper in the settings of some workflows and had to restart Alfred from the very beginning because I got into the menu item that I did not need. It is getting frustrating as I am constantly using Alfred throughout the day and these hiccups are always slowing my workflow. Thanks in advance!
  5. @dverbThanks! It all works as intended now! I can confirm that big guys like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max are present in this amazing workflow. Is it possible to add Paramount+, Starz, Showtime, Apple TV+, Peacock, Tubi, Crunchyroll, and BBC iPlayer? Those are the most popular services currently. With those services added the workflow will be the greatest substitute to something like ReelGood. Is there any way I can help? I am a mediocre programmer, but I really want this project to be unique and irreplaceable.
  6. Hello, Great wf. works as intended. Can you kindly add AirPods Max?
  7. Hey. Any update with the 403 Error? I have the latest node and npm, ran the install in terminal without sudo, installed with no issues, restarted to be sure all ok, checked that settings pane existed in Alfred - still I get the error every time that I try to use the workflow.
  8. I hope @dverb is still on it. This workflow is one of the few here that I am really interested in.
  9. Just wanted to say Thank You! its an incredible workflow which made 'paste' app for me obsolete
  10. I was replicating the example of the avengers movie. Trying anything returns no result. Any advice?
  11. Hello, I love the idea of your workflow, but it does not seem to work now. After typing in "watch " (with space) the command seems to cancel itself and then I get options for my usual Alfred search though google, amazon, etc. Could you kindly look into it or suggest a solution? Thank you in advance!
  12. The basic instagram actions that require the instagram.com website all work. The issue is with one command - ig XXXXXX - the command used to search for users on the ImgInn website. In the attached screenshot you can see what I get after running the command for any search with or without the adblock and adguard active. It just keeps loading forever.
  13. HI. It seems that searches don't produce results with ImgInn. is there any workaround for this?
  14. Thank you for sharing this one! I just changed the transparency of the background to something more see-through. Otherwise it is all perfect!
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