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  1. I just downloaded the linked to development version and am getting the error "Failed to connect to localhost port 15055: Connection refused." as well. Numi is a great app btw!
  2. This is such a great workflow, vitor. Thanks for making such great stuff. I'm now using it for Slicereader. A couple of years ago I wasn't able to get it to work, but the updated workflow makes it magically work. Now, when I want to read an article online, all I have to do is trigger Alfred, type 'read', then Slicereader opens and I can concentrate and read. Now I just wish Slicereader imported GIFs in addition to text/images.
  3. I've got a workflow that searches tabs, but is there a workflow that either lists all tabs in order of those most recently used, or a work flow that will simply switch to the tab last in use?
  4. Is there a new link? That link appears to be dead. Looks like a great workflow!
  5. Actually...that's a brilliant idea. For some reason I never considered using snippets w/ emails. Problem solved!
  6. Could this workflow be used to manage email templates? I find myself using a lot of the same email replies and it'd be nice to be able to save templates to a text file and pull out the text/template I need paste into an email.
  7. How do I copy the URL as a markdown URL? When I type "url" and select Copy URL, it copies the URL but not in Markdown format. Is there a place to configure this?
  8. Love it. It would be cool if there was a way to close multiple tabs in the same pass. A tab can be closed now by entering the keyword and pressing option, then enter. But, to close more tabs, Alfred has to be reactivated and the keyword entered once again. It would be sweet, perhaps impossible, if tabs could be added to the buffer with the option to close every tab in the buffer?
  9. Thanks for this workflow, Vitor. Definitely one of my favorites. So far, I'm using it for squirt.io and Instapaper. I'd like to use it for Slicereader, but it doesn't seem to activate Slicereader when I try to run it. Here is what the Slicereader bookmarklet looks like: javascript:(function%20()%20{var%20selectedText%20=%20'',title%20=%20document.title,uri%20=%20window.location.href;if%20(window.getSelection)%20{selectedText%20=%20window.getSelection().toString();}%20else%20if%20(document.getSelection)%20{selectedText%20=%20document.getSelection().toString();}%20else%20if%20(document.selecti
  10. This workflow has gotten ridiculously good. Better than I ever imagined! Best Alfred theme I have hands down! Amazing.
  11. I just checked and context search is definitely not case-sensitive. Excellent. That details screen looks amazing and is exactly what I had in mind. I like the idea of being able to open the task in context mode or project mode. If a task had a note, would it be possible to see the entire note from within Alfred/your workflow? It would be ideal if it was possible to see the full task, as well (only when checking out the task details). For example, if I had a task that said "Go to the movie theatre and see Django Unchained" it would be cool if it were possible to display all of that (in thi
  12. Two additions that would be amazing (and probably very tough to implement): 1) The ability to press the right-arrow button to drill down and see the full, more detailed task information. Many of my tasks are quite long and cutoff. Of course, I could press enter and open up a new OmniFocus window in order to see the full task. But, it would be very cool if, when in a project, I could press the right arrow to "expand" the selected task, including the notes section. That way I never have to leave Alfred and get I get a really nice large sized view of what I'm interested in. When I'm in OmniF
  13. This is my most useful perspective so far. Will it be possible for the context search to not be case-sensitive (just like the projects)? Thank you so much for this!
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