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  1. Thanks, Vero, that worked! I had it set as double tap command and changed it to double tap option and that seemed to work. As deanishe said, I do use Karabiner and BetterTouchTool and think one of those programs may have changed recently and I lost my shortcut somehow.
  2. I remember I used to be able to have a file selected, then I double-tapped CMD and Alfred popped up with the standard list of file actions (delete, move, etc.). For some reason, this shortcut stopped working and I don't know how to recreate it. Any hints or tips? Tried Googling but wasn't able to find much.
  3. I just downloaded the linked to development version and am getting the error "Failed to connect to localhost port 15055: Connection refused." as well. Numi is a great app btw!
  4. When I try to expand a TextExpander snippet with Alfred 3 triggered, nothing happens. TextExpander snippets are expanding in other apps just fine. Is this just the way it is, or is something wrong with my setup?
  5. This is such a great workflow, vitor. Thanks for making such great stuff. I'm now using it for Slicereader. A couple of years ago I wasn't able to get it to work, but the updated workflow makes it magically work. Now, when I want to read an article online, all I have to do is trigger Alfred, type 'read', then Slicereader opens and I can concentrate and read. Now I just wish Slicereader imported GIFs in addition to text/images.
  6. boddicker

    Três Mil

    I was looking at a workflow on your github and was going to ask what theme this was. Very nice!
  7. I've got a workflow that searches tabs, but is there a workflow that either lists all tabs in order of those most recently used, or a work flow that will simply switch to the tab last in use?
  8. Is there a new link? That link appears to be dead. Looks like a great workflow!
  9. Actually...that's a brilliant idea. For some reason I never considered using snippets w/ emails. Problem solved!
  10. Could this workflow be used to manage email templates? I find myself using a lot of the same email replies and it'd be nice to be able to save templates to a text file and pull out the text/template I need paste into an email.
  11. Thanks. I was actually able to set a keyboard shortcut by going to chrome://extensions, scrolling to the bottom and clicking Keyboard Shortcuts. Didn't know that existed. I'd prefer activating it through Alfred, but setting the keyboard shortcut is the simpler option.
  12. I have a Chrome Extension I need to click to activate. It would be cool if I could use Alfred to toggle it. Is this possible?
  13. Very cool. Very useful being able to save tab sets. I've been looking for something like this.
  14. I have the same problem. It would be cool if you could type a shortcut and all of your Alfred workflow keywords would be displayed in some kind of a fullscreen overlay. Similar to how in Trello you type "?" and a list of all available keywords pop up. Of course, I have way more workflows than there are shortcuts in Trello, so the overlay would have to be bigger than a single column list.
  15. I didn't find this topic when searching the forum. Here are some of the one's I'm using: site : keyword - alternativeto.net : alt alfred://customsearch/Alternative%20to%20%7Bquery%7D/alt/utf8/noplus/http%3A%2F%2Falternativeto.net%2Fsoftware%2F%7Bquery%7D%2F - codepen.io : pen alfred://customsearch/%7Bquery%7D/pen/utf8/noplus/http%3A%2F%2Fcodepen.io%2Fsearch%2Fpens%3Fq%3D%7Bquery%7D%26limit%3Dall%26type%3Dtype-pens - fiverr.com : fiverr alfred://customsearch/%7Bquery%7D/fiverr/utf8/noplus/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.fiverr.com%2Fsearch%2Fgigs%3Futf8%3D%25E2%259C%2593%26search_in%3Deve
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