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  1. Hi, I wanted to test your workflow, but get the error message that Viscosity is not installed. It is actually installed, but I used `brew cask` to install it (the .app resides in /Applications though). Might that be the reason your workflow doesn't recognize it?
  2. Yes, please!! That would be the key feature motivating me to buy the app. Generally, I don't need to control my Mac from iOS. Some other apps also provide the possibility to run AppleScripts from iOS. But what would be really great would be to start Alfred workflows from LaunchCenter Pro or, for really important ones, using gestures defined with Activator (Jailbreak)...
  3. This is great, thank you!! What I really would like is an option to upload the file/folder as an encrypted zip file with a randomly generated password and user chosen archive name and to have the password and URL be copied to the clipboard
  4. Hey Stephen, thank you very much for your instructions and all your great work! Much appreciated! Best, Janosch
  5. Thanks for the workflow! I was previously using Sebastian's workflow, and I still like some things better (some of which Sebastian mentioned): - I think it would be better not to copy a LaTeX cite-command, but only the cite key as one might want to use a different cite command (citep, parencite, textcite, etc.) or one might want to add several cite keys into the same citation [e.g., xxxx (Smith et al, 2000; Frost, 2001)] - I was one of the users requesting that the year should be in front, because I (and most natural scientists) often have citations including several authors Generally: - it would be great to be able to select which attachment to open if there exist more than one Thanks!
  6. Great workflow, thank you! What I really would like to have the possibility to either only copy (the default setting you implemented) or additionally paste (what one can select by changing the "Copy to Clipboard" part of the workflow) - at the moment one has to decide between one of the two options. Is that possible?!
  7. The workflow looks interesting. Will it autocomplete tags while they are typed?
  8. Hey Sebastian, thanks again for the great workflow, I am using it almost every day! One little thing I miss, though, is the ability to search with an exact BibTeX key (e.g. "bib WimmerMayringerEtAl1999"). When I do this, the workflow does not recognize the entry. I use this often to go back from LaTeX to the cited article, i.e. select BibTeX key in \cite{} command, press Modifier to send text to Alfred (via Show Alfred with selection workflow), type in bib and jump to the file in BibDesk. At the moment, I am doing this via AppleScript, but it would be great if you could modify your workflow to search also the keys?! Thanks, J
  9. Hi again, I seem to have "solved" the issue by using the hack described on this side http://smithjw.me/blog/keyremap4macbook-alfred-file-selection, i.e. setting a "normal" keyboard shortcut for "Open Alfed with selected text" (like Cmd-Alt-A) and then using Keymap4Macbook to map pressing double ctrl (or whatever modifier) to execute this shortcut. So far no accidental triggering... This might not be a perfect solution, but works for me so far... Best, J
  10. ... sorry, the second point from my original post is still true, too: I would like to get the .applescript files in the standard search when I activate the checkbox "AppleScripts" under Preferences/Default Results/Extras. At the moment, only .scpt files are shown... Thanks, J
  11. Hi, I wrote about this problem here, but did not receive an answer: I save almost all of my applescripts as text files (.applescript extension) because I want to use version control with them. After finding them with Alfred file search, I want to execute them (as happens when using the .scpt extension). Instead of executing, Alfred opens the file in AppleScriptEditor to edit it. In the meantime I made a workflow to search for .scpt or .applescript files and then run osascript on them, but I would still really like it if you could change the standard behavior for .applescript files to that of .scpt files. If one wants to edit the file, one can use Alfred context menu... I am using Mac OS X 10.8.4 and Alfred v2.0.5(202)... Thanks, J
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