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    This workflow appears to no longer function in Alfred 3.7 build 938/OS 10.13.6…
  2. Update: I appreciate the responses. After reflection, however, I think I misstated my issue. I'll restate it (hopefully more clearly—sorry for the confusion): Upon entering the first character of the keyword trigger for the expansion, I am presented with a list of the available expansions in my Alfred window. In the case of a couple of my expansions, I would prefer to have (some of) them not appear until the entire keyword has been entered. Thanks again… I've set up several text-expansion workflows, each triggered with a 4-character keyword. My problem is that the workflow is activated (and the expansion completed) after only typing in 1 character of the 4-character keyword. And I want Alfred to complete the expansion only after the full keyword had been entered. Ideas? Many thanks.
  3. I'm attempting to do something similar: - Create a workflow to pass on OS X selection though to the Dictionary - Then, if the full definition is desired, open the Dictionary with the OS X selection passed through What I've done: - Created a workflow: Hotkey (Action: pass thru to workflow; Argument: selection in macOS) + Dictionary Filter Problem: While this does indeed show the definition in the Alfred window, pressing return does nothing/nada/zilch Ideas? Many thanks!
  4. Hi there. Trying to make a Custom Web Search for mrqe.com. Here's what I've done: Did a test mrqe.com search for "Mission Impossible" which yields the following URL: http://www.mrqe.com/movie_reviews/mission-impossible-m100008102 Substituted {query} for "mission-impossible-m100008102:"http://www.mrqe.com/movie_reviews/{query} Sadly, however, this search URL doesn't work. Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks! ​
  5. Alfred runs really sluggish since I updated to Mavericks, examples: - delay before Alfred window appears - when typing in Alfred window, will type a portion of a word, then get spinning beachball - delay before search results appear in Alfred window Am running Alfred on a recent MBP (2.5 GHz, i5) with 8 GB ram. Ideas? Many thanks!