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  1. Yeh, what others said - this looks incredible - hope to see something published soon Thanks for the hard work David
  2. Thanks Shawn As mentioned I sent a donation, and added a personal comment to that. By the way, not sure if its anything on your side or not, but I had to make the donation manually through the PayPal site - whenever I tried to donate using the link on the authors page, I'd get an error about needing to add funds to my account before I can send any more money - despite having funds available.
  3. Hi Shawn Any plans for commenting? I'd love to be able to thank some of the workflow authors (eg this guy who made the OTP token generator http://www.packal.org/workflow/gauth-google-authenticator) I made a small donation to the author but commenting on the workflow would be nice. Voting or like buttons would be great too, and options to sort on those, along with downloads etc - though I'm sure this is all in your todo already
  4. Really awesome workflow, and love the design of the help pages too. Nice stuff man!
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