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  1. I've implemented a version of it but I have to be careful not to break anything else. The syntax is "... to/from/diff/difference/change ..." and "... percentage of ..."
  2. Percentages were already somewhat supported but not in the way you're currently using them. Currently they're only part of ratios (i.e. parts per million) I've created a new version that supports pretty much all of this but it ignores the $ sign since there's no currency support yet.
  3. A (temporary) solution could be to use the unit converter I wrote: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5256-advanced-calculator-with-fast-off-line-unit-converter/ It's a lot faster and functions without an internet connection and it supports Alfred 2 without a problem. I should note that it probably supports less features so it's a small trade-off
  4. Perhaps it wasn't meant as such but that's what I felt given your earlier reaction in this topic. It's probably just a matter of backgrounds, I have little experience in the Alfred world but a lot of experience with regular Python packages. With regular Python packages the workflow is generally as I suggested but that might not be the best fit for Alfred packages of course. It has given me an idea for an alternative solution however. Let's continue the discussion here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/8765-packaging-python-workflows-would-a-setuptools-command-be-useful/
  5. Well, compared to having a fulltime job, writing a book (https://www.packtpub.com/application-development/mastering-python), renovating a house and moving to that house (last friday) it should be a bit more quiet
  6. I'm still around. My apologies for not getting much up and running yet, my life has been a crazy rollercoaster ride the last year and a half... I hope/expect it to settle down a bit the coming months. Although I am about to become a father so not entirely sure about that either The only thing I didn't like was your condescending attitude. I realise that you have been a tremendous help for the Alfred community and I respect you for that but I if you're not open to discussing alternative solutions to common workflow problems... well, let's just say that limits my usefulness with your pro
  7. That's currently not directly supported, but it's easy to work around it. Just type "6' in inch" followed by a tab, it will give you the size in inches straight away. After that you can simply add them I've added it to the todo: https://github.com/WoLpH/alfred-converter/issues/5
  8. What I personally do (and which will probably work for deanishe as well) is have a computer connected to the TV which has Airserver installed. Airserver is a full Airplay server for both video and audio (even lossless) so it works perfectly for iphones and even macbooks. With that you can keep the current setup and speakers and only requires you to buy Airserver but beyond that it gives you all the needed options.
  9. That's weird... it works just fine for me, can you try with this release (I've just uploaded it): https://github.com/WoLpH/alfred-converter/raw/master/unit_converter.alfredworkflow
  10. Right now it's just using the mathematical method of calculating (which means that `(5)(6)` will default to multiplying). And as a side-effect, spaces also multiply I guess To change this to addition instead of multiplying you just need to replace the * with a + over here: https://github.com/WoLpH/alfred-converter/blob/master/converter/safe_math.py#L25
  11. That's definitely annoying... reading those reports though... I do think it might actually be the underlying driver that's responsible for the issue, but it's quite possibly being caused by PySerial. Regardless, if Python is not the best option, other languages can do as well It's actually not that difficult of a script to write, although the network version is slightly more difficult due to the auto detection of the receiver through broadcast messages. I've been making it far too complicated with an automated setup and everything... resulting in nothing really working right now. Argh...
  12. I'm currently writing it in Python using Dean Jackson's workflow library with the Onkyo-EISCP library from Miracle2k (https://github.com/miracle2k/onkyo-eiscp). The commands between the serial version and the network version are luckily much the same, it's just a different socket and the network version requires some magic packet Onkyo obviously didn't need any performance here... 9600 baud, wow
  13. Just a little update, I've been working on it but I'm a little unhappy with the available libraries for Onkyo control so I'm probably making it more complicated than needed No worries though, I'm still working on it Just swamped with work as well.
  14. Is there anything specific you miss with Alfred that Soulver does support? I've recently created a slightly more advanced calculator for Alfred which supports a large portion of the things that Soulver does: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5256-advanced-calculator-with-fast-off-line-unit-converter/
  15. No problem, I didn't see any other options without modifying Alfred-Workflow though. I'll take a look at Alfred-Workflow soon, see if I can think of a clean solution. Perhaps I'll try it for one of my projects too.
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