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[PYTHON FIX] How to fix Python workflows hanging Alfred on Sierra

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There is a bug in my (unofficial) Alfred-Workflow library that causes very many workflows using it to hang quite dramatically on Sierra.


If you are affected (i.e. you see Alfred's CPU usage spike to 100%), Activity Monitor will show two Python processes like this (choose View > All Processes, Hierarchically), with the bottom one at ~99% CPU (this screenshot is actually of a non-misbehaving workflow):




Download and run this workflow, which will update any old versions of Alfred-Workflow in your installed workflows.


That should get your workflows working again until the workflow developers can push official fixes.


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Replace IPB with an image service that works

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Updated to install Alfred-Workflow 1.27. Note: This version requires Alfred 3.4.1. If you're using an earlier version of Alfred 3, it might break workflows rather than fix them.

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