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Creating workflow and then share it via alfredforum is time consuming, e.g. create repo on github, export WF, create repo on your computer, etc. . Wouldn't it be great to share a worflow within Alfred directly with a WF gallery for downloading shared workflows?

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2 hours ago, Acidham said:

Wouldn't it be great to share a worflow within Alfred directly with a WF gallery for downloading shared workflows?

In theory. In practice, this’d mean a recurring expense for Alfred’s team, meaning they’d need to increase the price or make it subscription-based. They’d also need to verify every Workflow for malware, since they’d be hosting them. And a simple virus check wouldn’t suffice, either. A single malicious Workflow hosted officially could wipe a lot of goodwill.

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I only ever use Alfred to export throwaway workflows I build for forum threads.


I have a general build script for Python workflows that knows to ignore .pyc files (including them can totally break the workflow on other systems). My Go workflows need compiling, so they each get their own custom build script.


Most of the workflow-publishing work is just keeping an orderly repo, imo. The only bit that I find fundamentally tiresome (now that I don't upload to Packal any more) is adding the workflow to this forum, due to this horrid editor.

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A workflow which preps for Git commits would also help. When I would like to commit a new or changed workflow I need to:

  1. create repo on git
  2. clone git repo
  3. create source folder in local repo
  4. Export workflow in Alfred to the git local repo
  5. rsync workflow sources to source folder in local repo
  6. commit

maybe I am doing something wrong but an easier work-flow would be better....workflows are a core feature from Alfred. 

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Updating and creating workflows is really easy for me.


I use this workflow to search for the workflow I want to release/update to ~/Desktop. For example pressing enter on this:



Will copy the workflow to desktop but also copy the version number to my clipboard `v.1.4`. I then modified @deanishe  Repos workflow. Here is my modification. It searches across my repositories and on modifier press will open a new release on GitHub so I can instantly insert the version number I already have in my clipboard. Then write what changes I made to the workflow and attach the workflow. And it's released. ?


For releasing the workflows in this forum, I have a small Typinator snippet I use:



Which prefills all the required information I need. I don't bother duplicating the README in the forum as the README changes often and I don't want to keep two copies of it both in this forum and on GitHub. This forum is mostly for letting other Alfred users know about the workflow. I also don't bother changing the workflow's internal README too and just use this template:


I only change the Website to link to the actual workflow when I release it.


So yeah, you can automate most tiresome things if you wish. 



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