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Web Search - Choose browser

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I would be nice if the Web Search feature supported choosing your browser for each search instead of the default browser.  Some sites are not supported with Safari which is my default.  I often need to create a workflow just to do this.  

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I've created a few URL actions for Web Searches that I sometimes run on my non-default browser, however, this is a little annoying. They’re annoying to create, and they clutter up Alfred’s results (i.e., because you now have keyword duplicates).


In any event, I wish Alfred's Web Searches could accommodate the use of a modifier key that would either (1) open the saved Web Search in a different browser of your choosing, or (2) open a prompt asking the user which browser to run the search in.


In other words, Alfred’s Web Searches would operate just like they usually do. However, instead of hitting Return/Enter to open the search in the default browser, for example, the user could hit Return/Enter while holding the Alt/Option key (or any other key of their choosing).


This doesn’t exist already, does it? This feature doesn’t seem nearly as complex as half the things that Alfred already does.

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2 hours ago, Jasondm007 said:

Does your workflow tap into Alfred's save Web Searches?


It reads this CSV file that defines web searches with queries. This way the web searches are extended with community and Alfred users don't duplicate the efforts of recreating all these searches. 


New version that will be released will also allow for extending a custom CSV file so that users can create their own searches that they for some reason don't want to include in the public searches list.

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