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Request: Image Convert

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There was a Alfred v1 plugin which allowed to pick an image from finder, and convert it's format. 

I used it quite frequently to convert from png to jpg


Another small feature that I would love to be able:

1) pick a bunch of images on finder

2) activate a trigger

3) convert all those images to a unique pdf


With so many awesome workflows popping up i know it's just a matter of time. If anyone knows solutions for this please share.



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A link to the original extension would be helpful, to get a sense of how it worked.


I mention this because this would be fairly trivial using imagemagick, but that would entail having it installed. Having a look at the extension you mention, though, it might be easy to convert to a workflow. Maybe the original creator is already doing it, even.

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Sorry for not replying earlier, was expecting to be notified of replies here.


The previous plugin for converting image formats was named "Convert Image Formats" at http://www.dirtdon.com/?p=886

It required to convert images one at a time, which now with workflows i imagine can be a bulk operation.


For converting a set of images to pdf, wasn't possible for the same reason, could only pick one image to acted upon.

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Like I said, many of those operations could be achieved with ImageMagick. Were I to do a workflow for this, I’d probably rely on it, but I’d still have to think on what exactly to do in case the user does not have it installed, and how to interpret the multitude of options it provides. I probably won’t tackle that particular problem, at least in the near future, since the fact that ImageMagick is so capable is actually why it’s likely not worth porting to a general use workflow. Alfred’s workflows (and extensions, previously) are great for a lot of command‐line tasks for which it’s cumbersome to open a terminal just to execute, but they’re not ideal for everything, and this, I think, is one of those cases, as the commands would need to grow so complex that you’d essentially just be running the cli command in Alfred (which is something you can already do).
That said, that script that simply converts an image between a .jpg and a .png is a good candidate for a workflow, and it is fairly simple. 
I did not port it, but I can quickly walk you through the process of doing it, so you’ll be able to do it for any other workflows you need to.
1. Download the extension
2. Extract the files from within it (a .alfredextension file is simply a .zip file renamed)
3. Locate the “info.plist” file inside, and open it
4. Find the bash executable code (it’s the multiline code enclosed by <script> and </script> tags), and copy it (minus the tags)
5. Create a new blank workflow and call it whatever you want.
6. Press the “+” and do Triggers → File Action, followed by the command you want to use to execute it
7. Again “+”, but this time do Actions → Run Script, and inside the box, paste the code you copied earlier
9. Connect the two, and you should be done
If you need some help/clarification with any of the steps, feel free to ask.

Also, regarding the other conversion

something that allows me to convert doc and docx files to pdf...

For that particular problem, a quick google search revealed this http://onabai.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/convert-word-files-docdocx-to-pdf-in-osx/, which should cover your needs.

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I was looking for that as well (mainly for pdf->png) + something that allows me to convert doc and docx files to pdf...

hi ,LeChuck

      I guess you need a pdf converter ,you just need to google it and many free PDF conerter will be provided like this  .it is easy to get pdf-png conversion done ,of course doc(x) to pdf

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