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Missing variable leads to generic error message when executing List Filter option

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I ended up triggering a generic error that wasn't too helpful when I actioned a List Filter item whose output was an "OpenURL" object with a variable that I'd forgotten to add to the Workflow:


Not sure if Alfred could have caught this, but if it had said something like "Variable [variableName] isn't set." or something, that might be more useful?


Basically the problem was that {var:domain} hadn't been set in the Workflow. I'm not sure if I got the error because the variable wasn't set or that the arg was invalid when it was passed to the Open URL object.



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@Chris Messina An unset or empty variable is also a perfectly valid state, and Alfred can't guess what you want in your specific case.


One option you could do if you rely on that variable is add a conditional utility, and check if that variable is set or not, and post a notification if it's not in a state you expect. It would look something like this:


Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 09.08.24.png


Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 09.10.48.png


Conditionals can also match regex if you want to get clever about the domain variable matching an expected format.




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9 hours ago, deanishe said:

Can you imagine how many workflows would break if Alfred started throwing an error every time a variable is unset or empty?


Totally. That's not what I'm talking about; only point out that the error message seems more vague than it could be, but perhaps it's not possible to get any more specific.

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