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Hotkeys vanish when upgrading from Gallery

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I'm losing all customizations when I update any workflow from Alfred Gallery.

Checked or unchecked "... Migrate my workflow customization" has no effect from what I can tell. 


If I download the updated workflow, upgrading goes perfectly.


Am I overlooking something to cause this?


Thanks! And apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere -- my searches turned up empty



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I'm not quite sure if I've understood your exact problem so apologies if this answer is unhelpful. However, hotkey settings are stripped when you import a workflow to ensure any hotkey set by the workflow does not overwrite an identical hotkey you use in a different workflow.


I think that answers what I thought might be the problem from reading the title to your post. However, I'm unsure from the content of your post if there may be some other problem which I've not grasped.



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According to your screenshots, no Hotkeys are vanishing. Quite the contrary, they’re being added back! What you’re losing are your other customisations, which is normal.


Think of it like getting a car (original workflow), making extensive changes to the motor and internal components, then asking the manufacturer to trade it in for the new model (update). Some things can be ported over (configuration) but you’ve essentially changed the internals of the workflow, you’ve made it into something different. It’s impossible to have a different workflow and have it be what it was at the same time. Either you have the latest release as published by the author or you have your forked version full of modifications. That is true of all software: settings/configuration are the one part you can change and have it remain between updates because they are specifically designed for that and saved separately.


I’m the author of that workflow and don’t see any problem with your modifications, so I’ll be looking into adding those to the workflow later.


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@LyleDiamondScripts In case it wasn't obvious from Vítor's reply, you have two options in a situation where there's a workflow you want to make significant changes to:


1. Keep the workflow as per the original, where you'll receive Gallery updates. Changes to keywords and hotkeys that are set will be retained if you check the "Migrate configurations" option.


2. Duplicate the workflow by right-clicking it, and change or remove the bundle ID so that it's no longer updated via the Gallery. You'll no longer receive updates but you'll also be able to modify the workflow as much as you want.


Hope this helps :)

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