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Unit converter (no longer maintained)

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I just pushed an update that supports this. The code that processes the input is in convert.py. I do some very naive string pre-processing to allow unit names to contain spaces, and it was also combining the number with its units.


Cheers mate.

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Recently I upgraded to Mavericks and could not get the workflow to recognise the config file values. I had to edit 'alfred_convert.py' to actually change them.


Could you provide a bit more background? Which config file values weren't being recognized?

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Most of the units are currently coming from the pint library. Pint comes with an extensive set units by default, and has support for loading units from text files. The workflow actually defines a couple of custom units units in a unit_defs.txt file. You should be able to add aliases to units there, although they won't survive an upgrade (so keep a copy outside the workflow). There isn't currently a facility for custom units, although that wouldn't be too hard to add.

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1 minute ago, jason0x43 said:

I had started work on an update for this workflow, but gave it up when Apple integrated unit conversion into Spotlight, so this one is currently unmaintained.



Can you update the thread title to reflect that? I imagine that's useful for others who search and find this

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