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Linguee.de German-English/English-German Dictionary Workflow

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Hey guys,


I've created my very first workflow based on the NodeJS framework provided by @tungdang (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5488-alfred-workflow-nodejs/). It's a very simple german-english dictionary based on linguee.de. It features autocompletion, auto detection of the input language (german or english) and phrases.


Installed NodeJS is a precondition


Download link, description and source can be found here: https://github.com/zusatzstoff/linguee-alfred-workflow


Feedback for improvement is appreciated :)

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Very nice. And so fast. I will be using this a lot!
I have one request: Seeing as the workflow's results all have a specific translation direction, could the results open the webpage for the right translation direction as well, instead of the generic EN <-> DE results (i.e. set source=deutsch or source=englisch instead of source=auto)?
For example, say I type a query with matches in both directions:


If I action the first result, which is DE -> EN, I would like to see DE -> EN results. Currently, the workflow always opens the bidirectional DE <-> EN results page, which means I get all the irrelevant EN -> DE results first and the EN -> DE examples instead of the DE -> EN ones I'm looking for.

Would that be possible?

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I have another request!
Any chance to make the entered query one of the results? For example, I tried to look up "vergeigen" and "BetrVG". The workflow (and Linguee's search box) provide no suggestions, but there are results for the terms if you actually hit Search.

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I've had a quick look at the HTML, and each item is tagged with the language in several places. Indeed, the URL in div.main_item[href] points to the "right" page: 

<div class='main_item' lid='DE:Lager22603' lc='DE' href='/deutsch-englisch/uebersetzung/Lager.html'>Lager</div>


<div class='main_item' lid='EN:lager55558' lc='EN' href='/englisch-deutsch/uebersetzung/lager.html'>lager</div>
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Found a wee bug.
Alfred doesn't have an "Escape Single Quotes" option, so you can't use single quotes around {query} in the Script Box in the line below or the workflow dies in flames on a query with a single quote in it, like "can't". 

./linguee "$(iconv -f UTF8-MAC <<<'{query}' )"

You have to use double quotes instead:

./linguee "$(iconv -f UTF8-MAC <<<"{query}" )"

with Escaping Options Backquotes, Double Quotes, Backslashes and Dollars.


Sorry I'm piling all these requests and stuff on you. I just know I'm going to use the ever-loving shit out of this workflow.

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Wonderbra! Works perfectly.


I noticed another small issue when upgrading: You should probably assign a Bundle ID in the main workflow configuration screen. Without a Bundle ID, Alfred can't tell the version I just downloaded is an update of an already installed workflow, so it installed a second version alongside the first instead.


FWIW, technically you need to select Backslashes and Backquotes for the Escaping to be correct, but I don't imagine anyone will enter either of those as a query for this workflow.

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