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Very useful workflow!


Is it possible to add this feature:

If there are no open/save dialogs open, make the directory open in Finder instead. I think one of the scripts here has similar functionality (this, plus the opening in Finder instead if no open/save dialogs are out). The script in question is Carlos-Sz's Recent Items workflow (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/713-recent-items-40-docs-folders-apps-custom-categories-favorites-interaction-with-opensave-dialogs-and-more/), and the functionality is in "alt" modifier of the "fav" script filter. 




I'm not expert in AppleScript, but you can go ask Alfred to open any folder if no open/save dialogs is available



In Alfred window just type


then hit enter and it will open the folder in Finder

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I'm a QS -> Alfred immigrant, too.  I love QS, but having to learn ObjC in order to add modules is a show stopper to me.


Love this workflow, ahmadt.  Thanks for having created it.


Quick question, but can you invoke a File Action with a keyboard shortcut?  Say I've got a save dialog open in Atom, and I browse for a directory in Alfred, can I configure it so that when the selected directory is show in Alfred, I can just hit something like Shift-Cmd-G to tell Alfred to run that File Action?

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On 13/7/2015 at 7:26 PM, paulw said:

Fantastic! Really the only reason I have Default Folder X installed. Now I can just use this.

How do you stop using "Default Folder X"?. Could you explain how this works. Please. Thank you

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