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Big update, cleaning out all the old stuff!


Lots of wonderful minimal themes on here, but I think this is the minimalist.


Minimalist details:

  • We only show the path for the selected item (which is basically how you read these details anyway)
  • That also makes it easy to see which item is selected so we don't need a highlight!
  • Keyboard shortcuts for matches (e.g. "⌘4") are harder to use than just up/down+enter, so I hid those
  • Uses the light weight of the system font (San Francisco) for that native, readable feel
  • Looks best with a medium amount of blur
  • Available in a wide array of colors


Downloads listed below, preview images beneath (I'm not sure how to show images inline any more…):


Credit to flatuicolors.com for the colors. Best with these appearance settings.


Enjoy, and let me know how these work for you. Thanks!

Almost alzarin (v4).jpg

Almost black (v4).jpg

Almost carrot (v4).jpg

Almost clouds (v4).jpg

Almost emerald (v4).jpg

Almost midnight (v4).jpg

Almost white (v4).jpg

Edited by leefur
Updated for Alfred v3
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Downloads an HTML file, rather than the theme.


Huh, weird. Thanks for pointing that out.


I just reposted the files and re-set the links in the original post. I'll keep updates all up in that top post from now on. Everything uses CloudApp now, so it should work. Let me know if you run into issues.

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