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Hey Nick,


Regarding the "Updating …" message: I'm going to remove that bloody notification—it hangs around far too long.


But fundamentally, it's impossible to update Alfred's results live because that isn't how Alfred works. It only takes a couple of seconds to retrieve the new data from DFX, but Alfred's results only ever change when you change the query. For any given query, Alfred calls the script once. To run the script again, you must change the query.


Regarding favourite actions etc., the ability to add favourite folders via Alfred is coming in the next update.


Regarding the "hijacking" of your original post, when I push the next version, I'll update your post with a link to my post with the description, screenshot etc.


I'll try to get that done at the weekend.

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Curious... love the workflow; however, don't like the notification -- I can go and look at it, but before I started monkeying around round I thought I would ask, since removing the notification was mentioned, has it been updated already somewhere?

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No, I haven't changed anything since the initial proof-of-concept. Unfortunately, DFX 5 didn't work on my main Mac, so I had to uninstall it and re-install DFX 4, which isn't 100% compatible in terms of what the workflow does, so I didn't want to change anything and risk breaking the workflow for DFX 5 users.
I've just installed DFX 5.0.5, and that runs acceptably well (mostly), so I can continue working on the workflow now.
So, feature requests:

  • Get rid of the notifications.
  • …?
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On 21/04/2016 at 11:00 PM, deanishe said:

But fundamentally, it's impossible to update Alfred's results live because that isn't how Alfred works.


Updated to v0.3 which uses Alfred 3.2's awesome new re-run feature, so it does update results live when the cache is updated.


On 07/08/2016 at 5:45 AM, woodiah said:

I am having no issues... just the nagging notifications :-)  Thank you sorry for the delayed response.


Turned this off, too!


Sorry the update took so long. As noted, DFX 5 hasn't been working for me. Alfred 3.2's new re-run made it irresistible, though.

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Hi Dean,


Hope all is well. The Default Folder X workflow has been wonderful in my daily work. I recently installed the version with updated Python support, but now it is stuck at "Please try again in a second or two". Could you please advise on how to fix it? Thank you for your time.



14:18:53 workflow.py:2061 DEBUG    ---------- Default Folder X (0.3.0) ----------
14:18:53 background.py:240 DEBUG    [update] background job started
14:18:53 workflow.py:2254 DEBUG    set last run version: 0.3.0
14:18:53 workflow.py:2103 DEBUG    ---------- finished in 0.070s ----------
[14:18:53.541] Default Folder X[Script Filter] {
  "items": [
      "valid": false,
      "subtitle": "Please try again in a second or two",
      "icon": {
        "path": "/System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources/AlertCautionIcon.icns"
      "title": "Waiting for Default Folder X data\u2026"
  "rerun": 1
[14:18:54.245] Default Folder X[Script Filter] Queuing argument ''


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Hi im interested in default folder x but how do yall know to trust that this app doesnt acces the files and is able to view them etc.? i read the privacy policy but its outdated and it seems its only about the website and support emails. i want to also buy their historyhound app but i need to know if its trustworthy, any comment helps a lot 

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