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Antidote 10

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On 7/13/2020 at 3:24 PM, Dario R. said:

With last update of Antidote 10, the Alfred plugin stopped working. Any clue?


Has anyone gotten the latest version working? Recently purchased Antidote 10 and would love to get this working. Thanks!

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Posted (edited)

Working on an update right now!




Actually, I need a bit of help with this one 😔


I have an updated Applescript that works well

tell application "AgentAntidoteConnect"
	lance module dictionnaires mot "bougie"
end tell


But I don’t know how to translate it with the {query} so it can run in Alfred (/user/bin/osascript (AppleScript)). So far, I have this, but it doesn’t work.

on run
  set theQuery to "{query}"
  tell application "AgentAntidoteConnect"
    lance module dictionnaire mottheQuery
  end tell
end run


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Okay, I’m now at

tell application "AgentAntidoteConnect"
  lance module dictionnaire mot q
end tell

The error message I receive is the following

[14:29:52.840] ERROR: Antidote 10[Run Script] 56:68: execution error: La variable dictionnaire n’est pas définie. (-2753)

But running it in Script editor does work… any clues?

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Would love to help out! We published the API ;-)


Documentation for the API can be found under Script Editor, dictionary is found AgentAntidoteConnect. Available in English to help out.


Here is the transcript :


launch modulev : Launches an Antidote module

launch module corrector/‌dictionaries/‌guides/‌preferences

[word text] : Specifies selected word

[title text] : Specifies title of document

[version integer] : Specifies version of the communication (X.Y)

[reserved string specifier] : Specifies reserved string



We're looking at publishing a maintained flow by Druide informatique to use with the API. Would it make sense for you? We would then expose all functionalities : open all kinds of resources, validate errors. You would then be able to modify it and adapt it for your own needs. But it would be maintained by us. What do you think ?


Integration Team at Druide informatique


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Hi @AntidoteConnect, thanks for the answer.


Still not really sure how to make it work. Is it an issue of writing it in French vs English?

tell application "AgentAntidoteConnect"
	lance module dictionaries word q
end tell


The new error I have is  the following

« given », « in », « of », expression, « with », « without », autre nom de paramètre, etc. prévu(s) mais jeton inconnu trouvé(s).


And after that, I still have to plug it in Alfred, which I don’t know how to do 😞.

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