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Reorder default File Actions

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I would also like to reorder the list, I use moving most frequently, I would like that at the top of the list.


Guys, typing an extra one or two characters will also quickly filter down the list to match the item you are looking for.

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Seems unlikely, tbh.


Automatically ordering stuff via Alfred's knowledge (of what you recently did) is central to the way Alfred works. Having a static list of stuff for the user to order manually is kinda contrary to that.


Realistically, as @jdfwarrior pointed out, you're typically looking at needing to enter one or two characters to select the File Action you're after. Typing mo↩ to run the Move To… action isn't exactly a significantly-increased effort vs hitting ⌘3.


That said, there are some cases where "manual" ordering is preferable to letting Alfred do it, and it seems that a static list of File Actions is a good example.

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