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Snippets not expanding


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I just started using Snippets after transferring everything from aText.

Twice within the past 2 days, my snippets have stopped expanding. I use Google Chrome - and the only way to get them working again is to reboot Chrome.

This is a major pain in the rear with everything I have open for work.

Is there a bug that I should know about? I wouldn't have switched everything over if I knew this was going to happen.

Please help!

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Here is another thread on Google Chrome with regards to text expansion. Essentially, Alfred's Text Service will be using the same underlying mechanism as aText so you would have started experiencing the same issue with other text expansion apps too.


It might help to check which plugins you are using in Google Chrome - LastPass is known to cause an issue with Google Chrome.


[moving to closed as there is already an open bug thread for this]


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