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  1. radd works! rshow works (if i enter a keyword)! r just sits there at "Processing request..." and never does anything. rtest results PMed to not clutter up thread. Thanks for checking into it.
  2. This workflow has unfortunately always been very buggy for me. Anytime I install it, it seems to only work about 1/10th of the time. For example, when I put in help, I do see the list of help commands, but when I put in anything else nothing shows up and "add reminder" is not clickable. Sometimes nothing shows up at all, just my default searches. All other workflows currently working fine... http://cl.ly/image/0E3z03330D2y http://cl.ly/image/363p1Z1H0d1c http://cl.ly/image/2p0w2L0G242E
  3. Works now even having everything switched back to Growl. I still have workflow on Growl, not Growl (default) though.(but I just checked and Growl works whether Growl or Growl (default) is chosen)
  4. Hey, that worked. Once I switched to Notification Center, it appeared correctly (in notification center), then when I switched to Growl for the workflow, Egg Timer for Alfred showed up in the Growl preferences and it started appearing.
  5. Reinstalled, but still no eggtimer listed in growl registered applications. Growl is set in eggtimer config. Switched to notification center and back to growl a few times, but didn't help...
  6. 1) Doesn't appear to be. I don't see it there, only my main Alfred 2 registration. I will try to reinstall... 2) Growl 2.01 3) 10.8.3 4) Yes, I have Alfred setup to use growl for all notifications (which I assume is why I get the one saying "timer created")
  7. Hmmm, I don't get any growl popup when mine goes off, (just when I create an alarm)...I'll try to troubleshoot. Thought it was an odd feature to leave out!
  8. ahh, I was all excited about Growl Notification, but it only exists to tell me that my timer was set, not to tell me what the timer going off is /for/. I would love a growl notification to pop-up when the timer goes off reminding me what I set it for! Espciall yimportant when I have multiple timers going. Just the ding doesn't always remind me...
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