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  1. This workflow starts with a keyword input and save the query as a variable named "amount". I want to use this variable inside a NSAppleScript later in the same process. I've tried set theAmount to (system attribute "amount") But it doesn't get this variable.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm learning the fantastic Script Filter input. One big question from me is how do I handle the arguments output of a Script Filter differently? For example, I have an item with the arg "~/Downlaods" which is the Downloads folder path, while another item with the arg "https://www.alfredforum.com" which is really a URL. If I connect this Script Filter with an Open URL action, it will only work for the second item since its a URL but not for the first one. How can I handle these two items differently?
  3. It'll be great useful if we can use snippet groups only when some specific applications activated.
  4. Can't search Notes in macOS High Sierra
  5. Alfred allows users to select multiple files in finder and press command+option+\ to run file action in Alfred file browser. Alfred also allows users to add files to buffer, but only files from Alfred file browser. I am wondering if Alfred could add files I selected in Finder to buffer.
  6. forked from shaoshing's workflow (or packal), support Yinxiang Biji (Chinese edition of evernote) GitHub: https://github.com/hangyiwu/alfred-evernote
  7. I am a user from China. I use the paypal to check out the Mega License Upgrade, because paypal can link to my Chinese bank account. But after I paid this bill, it turn out to an error, named "The field Shipping Address State is required,error: 10729 Shipping Address State Empty". Now, the situation is that, there is not payment record in my Paypal account, but in my Chinese bank account. I'm freaking out and I don't know how to solve this problem.
  8. Can you share your wallpaper?I appreciate it!
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