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  1. Since upgrading to Big Sur, Alfred can't call a contact using the tel URL scheme. Perhaps it has something to do with Big Sur permission issues. But I'm not being asked by the OS to grant that permission as I am when I put tel://# in the Safari tab…
  2. Currently Alfred lets one filter the workflows by category. I would prefer to also see an option to group the workflows by category on the display.
  3. Played with the beta this morning. The "Action in Alfred" takes multiple files as input but only passes the first one to the Alfred action panel. This is not ideal.
  4. Alfred has a preference to set the "selection hotkey". This means I can select a file in the finder, and then use that hotkey to perform actions on it. Alfred has a sample workflow to "show Alfred with selected text". Alfred requires me to use two distinct hotkeys for these functions, but I would like to use the same for both. I believe Alfred could detect whether I have text selected, or a file selected. This would partially bridge the lacking "instant send" feature of LaunchBar. (The other missing link would be allowing the selected text to be actioned to any system service). Is there a way to use the same hotkey for both?
  5. I was referring to using this proposed capability for my own workflows...
  6. Why don't file actions support action modifiers like keyword actions do? It would make sense to allow the default to, for example, move a file, but a modifier key to change the action to copy.
  7. I noticed Alfred browses through hidden files and folders, and couldn't find an option to turn this off. Is there one? (there probably should be...or the default should be the opposite).
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