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  1. The workflow recently broke the same way on my Mac: Whenever I try to do a search, I get "Search IMDB for {my query}" together with always the same results, regardless of what search terms I use. If anyone has an idea of how to fix the workflow, I would be very grateful. I've tried the "Movie and TV Show Search" workflow linked above, but for my purposes, the "IMBD Search Suggest" workflow works much better (e.g., it is much faster, and it allows you to search for actor names, too).
  2. I just wanted to encourage you to officially support Amazon Smile searches, deanishe. I love using Searchio for Amazon searches, but 3 out of 4 times I forgot to switch to the Smile version of the product page before placing the order, so for most orders, the charity of my choice did not receive any money, which is not great. It took me a bit to figure out how to manually add Smile support by changing the right json file. I first tried editing "./Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.9B99D5C0-6A24-4093-99C6-88AE3F131D9C/lib/searchio/engines/amazon.json", but that did not
  3. Just wanted to confirm that the updated workflow now works with OmniFocus residing in a subfolder of /Applications. Thanks for all the excellent work!
  4. My OmniFocus application was located at /Applications/-other/OmniFocus.app before I moved it to /Applications. I have a bunch of subfolders (e.g., -audio, -graphics, -tools, etc.) in /Applications that I like to use to organize my applications. I have more than 250 applications on my Mac and this system makes it much easier for me to find those applications/tools that I use very infrequently and which names I often don't remember. Maybe the ideal solution would be for the workflow to search for the location of OmniFocus on first launch using the method outlined by deanishe. This location c
  5. The workflow would not show the icons for the items found on my Mac. After some failed troubleshooting attempts I finally realized that the problem was that OmniFocus has to reside directly in /Applications for the icons to load. I prefer to organize my Non-MAS applications in subfolders, which broke that part of the workflow. So if anyone else suffers from missing task icons, move OmniFocus to /Applications. Maybe a note about this in the readme file would be a good idea. Alternatively, the workflow could scan for the location of OmniFocus and adjust the paths accordingly. By the way,
  6. That absolutely helps, thank you for the prompt reply. While I do feel a bit stupid for not seeing that option myself, that feeling is overshadowed by the joy that the issue has already been solved without me knowing about it. Again, thank you for all your great work!
  7. Searchio is a really great workflow, but I wished you could force it to optionally search for the actual phrase you've entered (i.e., directly pass the entered terms to the appropriate search engine web page). Most of the time, the suggested search results are very good, but I also regularly run into situations, where the suggested search terms differ from what I've actually entered. I noticed this especially with the Amazon search (and there especially with model numbers, which you often really don't want to get wrong if you are searching for a specific part), but it also happens to me wi
  8. I installed DEVONthink Document Search today for the first time and seem to experience the same problem, i.e. I can see my database with "devondb", but "devon search term" does not yield any results. When I run this command in the terminal, I don't get any results (i.e., just the new prompt). Does that indicate that it is a Spotlight indexing issue? Did something maybe change with Yosemite that broke the workflow?
  9. Thanks, David, it works as advertised! Since I used the original workflow with the "Cursor=left" setting (so that I can enter a keyword before the selected text), I modified the bundled AppleScript in the following way: set prev to the clipboard tell application "System Events" to keystroke "c" using command down delay 0.2 set currSel to " " & the clipboard set the clipboard to prev tell application "Alfred 2" to search currSel tell application "System Events" to keystroke key code 123 using command down (this adds a space before the selected text and then simulates cmd-left to
  10. After having thought a bit more about it, I had realized myself that the clipboard overwriting was the actual means for getting the selected text into Alfred and not just a byproduct. Thanks for the explanation and for pointing out possible solutions. Unfortunately, my expertise does not currently go much beyond making simple changes to existing workflows, so I won't be able to create an improved version of this workflow. If someone else feels compelled to do so, it might be worthwhile to also include a check that ensures that the pasting does not happen before the Alfred bar is ready. The
  11. On my machine, "r tomorrow at 10 am to do something" already works. Is it possible that you only tried it without the 'to'?
  12. Would it be terribly difficult to implement support for the ISO date format (e.g., "2013-07-10 19:30")? I've come to love natural language date conversion tools that allow you to specify dates in a wide variety of ways (e.g., "2d 10:00", "friday in 2 weeks at noon", etc.) and then give you the corresponding standard ISO date, which is ideal for sorting and other purposes. I am using a modified version of Gabe Weatherhead's Keyboard Maestro macro, but Brett Terpstra's OS X service is also very good. The Reminders workflow is great in many ways, but for obvious reasons it lacks the power
  13. I love the bundled "Show Alfred with Selected Text" workflow, there is only only thing that is really bugging me: whenever I invoke the workflow, the selected text is not only shown in Alfred but also put in the clipboard, which overwrites its previous content. Is there any way to prevent this behavior? I tried editing the workflow, but I only found the plist file with the settings and not the actual code of the workflow. I consider the current behavior a bug and would be very happy if it got fixed. If I am wrong and the current behavior is by design, would you consider implementing an op
  14. Initially, I thought the reminders were not created correctly for me because I did not receive notifications when they were due, even though they had due dates in Reminders.app. Then I realized that the "due date" that the workflow sets is different from the "remind me date", which is the one you can set if you create a reminder manually. I was not able to create reminders manually that had a "due date", only ones with the "remind me date". Long story short, the workflow can easily be modified to create reminders that properly trigger notifications. You just have to edit the "Run script" p
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