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  1. it would be cool if you could add "Alfred" permissions, but not "Alfred Workflows". Alfreds code is obviously fine, but the workflows (which also sometimes get updated automatically) are definitely not safe, as the developers are often just random anonymous people on the internet - who then have access to your Application Data.
  2. Here's a version that works, i copied it and changed a few lines in the 'workflow.php' to make it work with Alfred 3: https://github.com/notDavid/alfred-Wolfram-Alpha/raw/master/Wolfram-Alpha.alfredworkflow
  3. David

    The Minimalist

    How about a new one with "San Francisco" font? :-)
  4. Subnet calculating, for example... i can also use the default calculator in OS X though, so no biggie. Using alfred would just be more convenient.
  5. Something else to add perhaps... in case you run out of things to do : decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal
  6. Thanks for this. You might want to consider adding the Bitcoin currency sometime :-)
  7. Hi, thanks cool workflow. Is the source of the included "ReadingListSearch" executable available on Github (or something equal)?
  8. Very nice workflow, thank you :-)
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