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  1. Hey, Yes, my bad. I hadn't realised I was posting in the wrong tab. I'll look out for your fix. Thanks again!
  2. Hey deanische! Your workflow sounds awesome! I've been using an equivalent workflow fetching results from Wolfram Alpha live in Alfred, but it's pretty slow... I tried your workflow, but I cannot get past "conv {input}". As soon as I type an input, I get an alert requiring me to install XCode... Any idea of what's going on? Thanks for your help!
  3. @aduco, I had the same "problem" until I realised that you have to update the workflow to your own contacts. Double check in the "Workflows" section of Alfred 2's preferences, but I think the command is "imu". Just start typing "im" and the various options should hopefully show up.
  4. Alfred is already incredibly helpful on its own, but workflows such as yours make it even more unbelievable. Thanks for your work! Just wondering if there's a way to segregate emails by To: Cc: and Bcc: ? Working fine with Mavericks and Airmail, too, by the way.
  5. @Alfred Guru, I've dragged and dropped your script as instructed, restarted Alfred / Computer, but still can't get Alfred to send files via Airmail.app... Maybe because of Alfred AND Airmail recent updates?
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