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  1. as the title. Download & Source Instructions
  2. UPDATE: Now you can change Country/Currency, includes all 91 countries. keyword: 'app change-country' More search type
  3. Good idea. I'll update it as soon as I can.
  4. simple, easy, effective Source at Github.com Features: Core: some functions to make building alfred workflow easier Feedback system: generate alfred feedback XML Config management: save and retrieve settings Cache management: save and retrieve cache data Storage: download file Code Example: >>> import alfred >>> alfred.bundleID() 'net.jeeker.awf.AppDig' >>> alfred.log('log message') # save log message to 'log.txt' in workflow's folder >>> alfred.exit('exit-message') exit-message >>> alfred.exitWithFeedback(title='exitWithFeedback') <items><item uid="net.jeeker.awf.AppDig.29008681"><icon>icon.png</icon><subtitle /><title>exitWithFeedback</title></item></items> >>> feedback = alfred.Feedback() >>> feedback.addItem(title='Feedback Title', subtitle='subtitle', autocomplete='subcmd', valid=False) >>> feedback.addItem(title='Feedback Title 2', subtitle='subtitle 2', arg='arg') >>> feedback.addItem(title='Feedback Title 3', subtitle='subtitle 3') >>> feedback.output() <items><item autocomplete="subcmd" uid="net.jeeker.awf.AppDig.11134445" valid="no"><icon>icon.png</icon><subtitle>subtitle</subtitle><title>Feedback Title</title></item><item arg="arg" uid="net.jeeker.awf.AppDig.20583908"><icon>icon.png</icon><subtitle>subtitle 2</subtitle><title>Feedback Title 2</title></item><item uid="net.jeeker.awf.AppDig.31032116"><icon>icon.png</icon><subtitle>subtitle 3</subtitle><title>Feedback Title 3</title></item></items> >>> alfred.config.set(username='JinnLynn', testkey='testvalue') >>> alfred.config.getAll() {u'username': u'JinnLynn', u'testkey': u'testvalue'} >>> alfred.config.get('username') u'JinnLynn' >>> alfred.config.delete('username') >>> alfred.config.getAll() {u'testkey': u'testvalue'} >>> alfred.cache.set('test-cache', {'cache-data':'test-data'}, expire=10) >>> alfred.cache.get('test-cache') {u'cache-data': u'test-data'} >>> alfred.cache.timeout('test-cache') 2.6863911151885986 >>> alfred.cache.get('test-cache') # expired return None >>> alfred.cache.timeout('test-cache') -1 >>> alfred.storage.getLocalIfExists('http://i.imgur.com/17lNrSX.png') # Non-existent >>> alfred.storage.getLocalIfExists('http://i.imgur.com/17lNrSX.png', download=True) '/tmp/net.jeeker.awf.AppDig/0fef92118c683242f9b6e2a40e1a54f5.png' >>> alfred.storage.batchDownload(['http://i.imgur.com/8pa4x95.png','http://i.imgur.com/PX03uFm.png']) >>> alfred.storage.getLocalIfExists('http://i.imgur.com/8pa4x95.png') '/tmp/net.jeeker.awf.AppDig/dc119234ccb1f8fea4064b9a83a2dd6b.png' all my workflows are based on this module.
  5. A simple way for you to track all apps price, work with AppShopper. Download & Source Instructions 2013-04-18 Update: Now you can change Country/Currency, includes all 91 countries. keyword: 'app change-country' More search type 2013-04-28 Update: Fixed `Search app for iphone` error. Open iTunes Store link or AppShopper link
  6. convert thunder, flashget or qqdl special links to real, may useful to chinese user Download & Source Instructions
  7. To search, download, show or save lyric. Download & Source Instructions
  8. Manage Synology Download Station directly from Alfred: view, create, pause, resume or delete tasks, and also can change some settings such as enable/disable eMule or enable/disable schedule. Download & Source Instructions UPDATE: 2013-04-13 Fixed: bt task missing2013-04-22 Fixed: session timeout error
  9. a simple alfred 2 workflow to look up definition of word by online dictionary, only support translation between english and chinese. Download & Source Instructions
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