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  1. And the reasons for not moving to Catalina just keep on coming. Got High Sierra on one machine and Mojave on two others. Going to stay there for a long time.
  2. Being the OP for this part of the thread, the discussion has gone beyond my competence (I just want the final workflow 😀). Just let me know when the dust settles and we are at a stable product. 👏 Thanks to all for your efforts in hashing this out. Didn't know I was opening a can of worms. 🥫 (I think that's 2 more emojis than I've ever used in one message before.)
  3. I'll say. Within 3 hours we have a trouble analysis and a fix posted! Kudos to @deanishe and @Jarek!!!
  4. I'm looking for a workflow that will search raindrop.io for bookmarks. I've gone to raindrop since my browser (Brave) was making a mess of my bookmarks sort every time I thought I got it straightened out. I think it may have something to do with the way it syncs bookmarks. Raindrop has both a mac app and a browser version in case that makes a difference to what's possible. Thanks.
  5. I'm also having trouble with the sort order. I have the txt file ordered as I would like them to appear but, with the result order disabled, they come up seemingly random. With the result order enabled, I get order that I have on the list but starting with the 3rd entry and, at the end of the list, wrapping to the 1st and 2nd. Thoughts?
  6. You're a wizard, Vero!!! Seems to be working now. Thanks SO MUCH for your help.
  7. Thanks, Vero. I haven't run the Metadata tool since I am working on the High Sierra machine right now. When I go into the office tomorrow, I'll check that. Appreciate the help. Will let you know in a few hours (I'm GMT +7).
  8. Thanks, Vero. Yes. I'm using mail.app. I haven't made any changes to it as far as the default locations. Something that probably has a bearing on it and I can't figure out how to fix it is that Spotlight is not coming up with emails when I search and the search in Mail doesn't even offer to search for addresses or senders. The only thing the search in Mail will search for is text. It seems like Spotlight is not indexing the email, but I've spent hours trying the different suggestions people have to get this to happen. I have a Mac running High Sierra and everything works fine (Spotlight, your Alfred workflow and Mail search). As I said, I do have the accessibility enabled on the Mojave machine.
  9. Mine keeps going to the default (google) search engine. I use emfrom > enter > use name of a contact who is in my contacts and who has many emails. Here's a screenshot of Alfred with the input ready. Mojave 10.14.3 Alfred 3.8.1 Alfred checked in Accessibility Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. [I'm sure this has been addressed before, but with keywords like "menu" and "launch", it's hard to search.] I'm trying to design a launcher that will open apps from a menu choice, much like some Siri Shortcuts I have designed. An example might be: A hotkey triggers a Games menu. A selection from the games menu will open the specific game. Another hotkey would open a Utilities menu. Again, the selection from that menu would open the specific utility. And so on... I've been using Alfred for a very long time, but just have never gone into workflows. I'm sure this is simple, but I'm not clear on how to do it. Your help is appreciated. Tony
  11. Bing, Thanks so much!!! Worked like a charm. I had forgotten about the options available under the features tab. Had my mind on workflows. Now I'm going to have to go through the features and see what kind of things I can do there! Tony
  12. nikivim I would be interested to see what you can accomplish. I was watching the Alfred Workflows Part 2 at screencastsonline.com. It was interesting and helpful, but I don't have the knowledge to tackle the Google search workflow. Tony
  13. I'm surprised I don't see this addressed in the workflow forums or other repositories, but no luck on searches. I'm trying to set up a workflow for a Google search restricted to the past year. I know there is a URL that brings up a search bar with the past year option, but I'd like to get Alfred to do it with the search topic. I'm trying to set up a workflow for a Google search restricted to the past year only. I know there is a URL that brings up a search bar with the past year option, but I'd like to get Alfred to do it with the search topic . FYI, the URL is https://www.google.com/webhp?tbs=qdr:y&gws_rd=cr&ei=7t_RWKWGFcOw0gSlsrmwDg Thanks for the help. Tony
  14. I had the same problem. As a tribute to the bad old days, I changed Alfred to Ctrl-Alt-Del (on my Mac Mini, I have a standard keyboard remapped, so actually Ctrl-Cmd-Del). I'll have to try the Adobe apps to see if I can map them the same, although I'm used to the new mapping for Alfred.
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