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  1. Snippet is something you use often. But history is just a history - your trip in the past, your memory, etc. And I can’t find any reasonable point to limit it by time. Storing/searching plain text does not require a lot of space and not a problem for any more or less modern mac. And it could be user option how many mb/gb use for storage. If you have any concerns about search performance you can do the instant search within last X months and the show “search X months older” and then show “search X months older” and so on.
  2. +1 actually this is the most needed part: limiting time to store images/files/etc is almost ok. but storing plain text is not a problem at all.
  3. already done. and thank you for the discussion.
  4. The ability to keep clipboard history forever or set limit to chosen count of stored records instead of time (3 months) is highly needed.
  5. it's user choice. frankly said from this point of view workflows feature is more dangerous but it's implemented. clipmenu, clipy, paste. unfortunately not.
  6. rly? i'm a software developer with more then 20 years of experience, and believe me or not but there is no "significant" impact to store data forever. especially on modern computers. and other clipboard apps easily handle forever storing. if you have some concerns just do huge tooltip "activate on your own risk" and that's it. i'm not interested in tricks/hacks (anyway i appreciate your post, but this hack makes storing date info unusable). i'm interested in getting reasonable answer why such functionality is not implemented yet or why it can't be implemented or why it's not a feature request.
  7. actually, this is the only reason to use other apps to handle clipboard. I believe that customer has a right to store own data as long as he wish. and i can't understand what the problem to implement this. so +1 for the ability to keep it forever.
  8. +1 for history sync. Also what is the reason to limit history to 3 months?
  9. Thank you very much Andrew. I would be really grateful.
  10. I totally agree with you, it's not necessary to turn editor into fully featured code editor. But, periodically you slightly modify workflow script, run workflow and get something like "syntax error at line 33" just because you miss brace or something like this. In other words having line numbers at least would be great. In any way thank you for the response and such great product!
  11. Hey! It would be nice if you could add syntax highlighting, line numbers and probably themes into the workflow "Run Script" window. I do believe it's not so difficult to implement. Thanks in advance.
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