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Pin Plus — Interact with your Pinboard bookmarks

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spend a lot of time, to find out, that its absolutely neccessary to allow JavaScript from Apple Events in Safari, for the PA command, please add this information to the first topic.


furthermore, how can I change the browser, for a sample to chrome?


[08:12:41.894] ERROR: Pin Plus[Automation Task] Task Error: ../../../../com.alfredapp.automation.core/safari/.common/tabs-current-run-javascript: execution error: Error: Error: You must enable the 'Allow JavaScript from Apple Events' option in Safari's Develop menu to use 'do JavaScript'. (8)


Last but not Least:

Command PIN show now results upon now, have anybody an idea?

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That information is given by the browser itself, only when needed, as an error to the debugger which is always the first thing that should be checked in any workflow when something does not work. It’s not just Safari, all major browsers require it (except for Firefox, which can’t do it at all).


You don’t change the browser, the workflow always tries to act on the one that is frontmost.


I don’t understand what you mean with the last point. Either way, if you have an issue I’ll need to see the debugger output.


Please see the short post How to Report a Problem with a Workflow for details on what to provide.

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I came across this workflow after looking for something similar for a long time. It works perfectly but I am not able to search by tags. For example, it would be nice to see a list of all bookmarks tagged travel when I type pin #travel into Alfred. Is it possible to do so? If not then it would be great if you could add this functionality in the future. Thanks for all the great workflows!

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