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Need this super program on Windows

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Welcome to the forums, @anjak,


Though I do not speak for the Alfred team, I’d say there’s a slim chance that is ever going to happen. Alfred’s team is small — two people1 — and only one of them codes. The other takes care of the (often more taxing) administrative work.

Alfred takes advantage of macOS’ native APIs and tools. Porting it to Windows would require a whole different app using learning a whole new world of tools and APIs. It’s unlikely it would be worth the overhead.

1. I think there’s a cat as well.

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37 minutes ago, vitor said:

a whole different app


In addition to that, the whole workflow system is heavily based on the UNIX APIs and programs underpinning macOS.


So it wouldn't just be a whole different app: very few workflows would run on Windows.


You could get a few to run by installing the Windows Subsytem for Linux, but it'd be a wasteland.

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