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Battery - view summary stats about your laptop battery

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Opening Google search is just the "fallback" search, which means that the workflow failed to produce any usable results for Alfred.


This happened to me as well at some point with some upgrade. To fix it, just open the file battery.sh in the workflow and, around line 81, change

    <title>$TEMPERATURE° C</title>


    <title>${TEMPERATURE}° C</title>

So, probably some Yosemite upgrade changed a version of Bash, and that version of Bash chokes when the degree symbol is next to a variable.

Thanks, it works for me.

I'm still on OsX Maverick and add the problem with Alfred V3ß.

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8 hours ago, RabbitJazz said:

The battery % is inaccurate for me. Anyone knows how to sort this fix? (it's about 6% lower than what the os presents.


Please, post the output of ioreg -l -n AppleSmartBattery -r and the battery level displayed on your menu bar at the time of that output.

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