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This workflow enables you to search your hook productivity bookmarks.


You can get our workflow from Hook's Alfred page.


Regarding Hook and its bookmarks


Hook is a truly universal, contextual bookmarking app. It enables you to bookmark and bidirectionally link ('hook together') items from almost any app: such as web pages, files, emails, tasks ( OmniFocus, Things, etc.), etc.


For instance, you could bring up the Hook ( ⌘⇧SPACE) popup window on this web page, choose `Copy Link` ( ⌘C), and then paste the link anywhere you want. You could then bring up Hook on a document (in Finder,  BBEdit, Drafts, Bear or other apps), bring up Hook again (⌘⇧SPACE), and `Hook to Copied Link` (V).That would hook them together.  Whenever you hook items together (or in 2.0, use `Copy Link` or `add bookmark`),  Hook creates bookmarks in its database.


This workflow, then, lets you browse and search for any Hook bookmark you like.


default keyword: hm


The default keyword to access this workflow is 'hm' (short for 'hook bookmark')


Usage Example:


To find all Hook bookmarks that contain `.pdf`, in Alfred type : `hm .pdf`




This workflow requires version 1.5 or newer of Hook Essentials or Pro. Hook is available from the Hook productivity website: https://hookproductivity.com .


Hook requires macOS 10.12.6 or newer. Hook is currently at version 1.8.




This workflow's homepage on the Hook website is here: Free Alfred Workflows for Controlling Hook.


Related automation for Hook


Brett Terpstra has published a CLI ( command line interface) that enables you to get and create bookmark.


Hook's automation is described on its website Automation of Hook.


Hook is a CogSci Apps® invention for your cognitive productivity 😊.



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workflows don't get uploaded here.
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Love this! Thank you!


I'd love to be able to create a Hook for Alfred itself so that I can Hook (bookmark/link )all my workflows.


I have so many I've made / collected over the years it's hard to remember them all. If I could hook a workflow to a certain file type (not just a single file) and or other workflows it'd be a great way to remember all your related tools. 👍

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