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I already knew about that the extension by Daniel Shannon.  It is a great extension, too. 


My version could be just another version. It is the simpler code than Daniel's, and displays rating and moves to Mac AppStore directly.


Good point, I did miss the ratings feature. What exactly do you mean "move to mac app store directly"?

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This version opens not web browser, but 'App Store' application. So you can reduce one step to buy application. :-)



I think i'm an idiot, the DS workflow actually checks the iOS app store not the MAS. What a fool  :lol:

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This version opens not web browser, but 'App Store' application. So you can reduce one step to buy application. :-)

From Alfred v1, I have a set a custom searches to search the iTunes Store (not the Mac AppStore) for either anything:



or a specific kind of content (e.g., a song)



and the equivalent for album, artist, track, movie, podcast and app (iOS app). Each of them is meant to be run from a specific keyword.


I would like to reproduce your Mac AppStore workflow for these iTunes Store searches. However, I have no idea how to manipulate your Python script. Would you be so nice to provide an example for one them, if possible? Then I should be able to reproduce it for the other searches.

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The workflow no longer works (at least for me) in Mavericks. Apparently the search URL has changed, and is no longer:


I'm not sure how to find out what this new URL is in Mavericks, but if I could, updating the workflow should be a simple string replacement.


Anyone find the new search url yet? This was so handy... is there anything in alternative, I have tried most of the search workflow here in the forum couldnt fix it :(

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This is awesome, thanks!



Very useful, thanks!


Is there any way for it to show the app prices in my own currency (£GBP) instead of $USD?


You can change the country from US to GB in main.py:
Once installed, right click on the workflow, show in finder, open main.py, change and save!
It's also possible to change the workflow to search the iOS App Store, there are quite a few changes for that though.
Here's a workflow with both modifications already made.


I also send these changes to the developer on GitHub.
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