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Find files recently changed (similar to Trickster functionality)

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Strangely is stopped working for me after a few weeks of great usage. Now I input the keyword and it jumps to fallback results. I tried to re-install the workflow and restart the mac and, alas, the problem is still there. I cannot imagine what can be causing this. Any ideas?

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I see this is now 8 years old but it's one of my fav Alfred workflow. I'm getting this when trying to run it: "Unable to run task Reason: launch path not accessible: /usr/bin/php. "Check that the selected language exists on your system. 


php -v gives

"PHP 8.0.10 (cli) (built: Aug 26 2021 15:36:17) ( NTS )"


and  which php



I'm on Big Sur 11.6. I tried tinkering with paths but to no avail. Please help, thanks.

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