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Obsidian Toolkit

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Over last couple of weeks, I compiled a bunch of features related to Obsidian. It's already been tested by a bunch of people from the Obsidian Community, so should be rather stable. Noticed at some point that I only shared it in the Obsidian Forum and not the Alfred Forum, so here it is. 😅


(I know that there are other Obsidian workflows, but they mostly focus on stuff like daily notes and after all have a very different feature set.)


Full Feature List
- Search your Vault (Open note, append clipboard, open in new pane, copy hook, ...)

- Fully browse your vault folder structure via Alfred
- Open Starred Files/Searches

- Open Recent Files
- OCR Screenshots (see image below)
- Search the Obsidian Documentation
- Search Community Plugins and directly open them in Obsidian or GitHub
- Search & Preview Community Themes
- Create Backups of your Vault
- Enter Dual Mode (Edit + Preview)
- Create a new note
- Open various folders in .obsidian
- Open the Obsidian settings
- Toggle a CSS Snippet
- One-Click-Convert a font file to base64-CSS
- Open your current theme CSS file
- Access your themes and snippets via Alfred
- Quickly create a new CSS snippet from clipboard content
- Display a list of Obsidian's default variables


➡️ Download the latest release at GitHub
➡️ Documentation of all the Features and Settings




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