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Theming: Ability to adjust padding between results rows.


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@@Andrew any update on this perchance? To elaborate: when increasing or decreasing the "Result Padding" the idea would be to keep the line spacing between the result title and subtext consistent (relative to their set font sizes) while extra padding is added or removed from above and below both lines of the result's text. If that description doesn't make sense here's a visual on what I mean:




I know it's a small change. But I think it would bring outsized benefits: since Alfred revolves around a search-and-scan interface, any increase in the readability of the result-list will bring a big benefit to users as they digest multiple results, search out a single item among many, etc. Changing the way the "Result Padding" option calculates and distributes vertical space would help draw a clearer distinction between each result, drastically improving Alfred's legibility and thus it's usability.


But it's just a thought!

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