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  1. Awesome workflow my man! I've only run in to one issue– when trying to zip a folder the workflow throws an error: [ERROR: action.script] 0:149: execution error: Can’t make text items 1 thru -2 of "testfolder" into type text. (-1700) JSYK: I'm running the workflow in Alfred V3; not sure if that might be the issue. Either way, it seems like it's probably a minor error to fix, but I'm hardly an Applescript expert so I'll leave that to you... Anyway, thanks again for the dope flow!
  2. @@Andrew any update on this perchance? To elaborate: when increasing or decreasing the "Result Padding" the idea would be to keep the line spacing between the result title and subtext consistent (relative to their set font sizes) while extra padding is added or removed from above and below both lines of the result's text. If that description doesn't make sense here's a visual on what I mean: I know it's a small change. But I think it would bring outsized benefits: since Alfred revolves around a search-and-scan interface, any increase in the readability of the result-list will bring a big benefit to users as they digest multiple results, search out a single item among many, etc. Changing the way the "Result Padding" option calculates and distributes vertical space would help draw a clearer distinction between each result, drastically improving Alfred's legibility and thus it's usability. But it's just a thought!
  3. +1 for this, if only for ease of implementation as @andrewning suggests!
  4. This is an absolutely gorgeous workflow — in terms of icons and functionality. However, I'm having an issue when creating a new task and trying to either add a tag or reference a project that doesn't already exist within Things. In the first instance (that is, using an as-of-yet nonexistent tag) it just appends the actual hashtag syntax to the task name instead of creating a new tag as I'd have expected. In the second instance (referencing an as-of-yet nonexistent project) the task simply doesn't get created! Let me know if there's any other information that might help!
  5. Hey Vera. To answer your questions: — I was using 2.0.2 as of an hour ago; I am using 2.0.3 since it was released today. — I'm running OS X 10.8.3 with a 2.5GHz processor, 4GB of memory, and Intel HD Graphics 3000 (384 MB) — The only third party software I can think of that might impact/interact with graphics is TotalSpaces Beyond that: — I hadn't run into this issue until I made certain changes to Alfred's theme. Among these • I remember adjusting the opacity and color of the border and the background. • I also changed the border radius of Alfred from none to something higher right before this issue popped up. — I'm not quite sure, but it seemed the issue only occurred when adding applications to the buffer. — When adding items from Alfred's file browser I did not experience the same bug. (I remember testing a few PDFs from the file browser and everything worked okay.) — Some combination of toggling Alfred's visibility, adding files to the buffer from the file browser, and removing a file or two from the buffer would eventually reorient the icons. — Also of note, I haven't run into this issue again since that day! Thanks for getting in touch. Let me know if you figure out what was causing it; I'm kind of intrigued.
  6. So I haven't experienced this before and I've been using the latest version of Alfred 2, but when I changed my theme this morning and then added some applications to Alfred's buffer, the icons were all upside down. This doesn't happen when adding icons from Alfred's file browser, and they get reset (so that they're upside up) if you toggle Alfred's visibility a couple of times. Not a big deal at all, but I'm miffed!
  7. MIDNIGHT COLLECTION massiveMidnight SUBTLE Midnight is a dark, high-contrast, minimal theme for Alfred featuring two different styles, each in two sizes. Great for design snobs, late-night Alfred use, or for any Alfred aficionado with accessibility considerations. miniMidnight CLASSIC CLASSIC SUBTLE miniMidnight massiveMidnight miniMidnight massiveMidnight DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
  8. Keen eye, but as I'd mentioned, I've abridged the XML output for the sake of brevity (I have quite a few favorites) so the closing </items> tag actually is generated correctly by the Applescript. Thanks nonetheless! Hey David! Thanks for pointing me towards bigluck's workflow. This was really more of a learning exercise for me as I don't do much coding beyond the limited PHP/JS confines of web development and design. But I took a quick look at the updated "Workflows" functions and they look great. Anyways, I'm sure you've heard it before but once again: thanks for all the work you've put in to Alfred!
  9. I've been working on a brief workflow that grabs a list of FTP favorites from Transmit and serves them up as Alfred results. Ideally, actioning any one of these results would mount the specified server as a external drive. So far though, I've been unable to get Alfred to load the generated XML as results. Below, I've provided some details that might be useful to pin-point the issue: The workflow is PHP-based, though it also relies on a bit of Applescript to fetch the list of favorites from Transmit. (Much of the code & concepts come courtesy @jdfwarrior!) I thought the issue might be related to the Applescript – returning invalid XML, or maybe nothing at all. I tried writing the generated XML to a file (instead of echoing it back to Alfred, as per the code below.) The output seemed valid but I am still unable to get Alfred to load the XML into its results list! It just gets stuck on the pre-defined loading text. I hope this all makes sense. Any and all help is much appreciated! PHP: /* FOLLOWING CODE IS ENTERED DIRECTLY INTO ALFRED'S "SCRIPT FILTER" ** EDITOR AND ISN'T WRAPPED IN <?PHP?> TAGS. THE FILTER REQUIRES A ** SPACE-SEPARATED ARGUMENT, THE INTERPRETER IS SET TO PHP, AND I ** LIMITED THE 'ESCAPE {QUERY}' OPTION TO DOUBLE QUOTES AND DOLLARS. */ require_once('extension_utils.php'); $utils = new ExtensionUtils(); $results = array(); $query = stripcslashes("{query}"); $favesGet = exec('osascript transmit_actions.scpt'); $favesObj = explode(', ',$favesGet); $i = 0; foreach( $favesObj as $fave ): $i++; $item = array( 'uid' => 'fave-'.$i, 'arg' => $fave, 'title' => $fave, 'subtitle' => 'Mount '.$fave.' as volume...', 'icon' => 'icon.png', 'valid' => 'yes' ); array_push( $results, $item ); endforeach; if ( count( $results ) > 0 ): echo $xml; endif; /* IN ORDER TO TEST/DEBUG THE XML OUTPUT ** I REPLACED THIS FINAL IF-STATEMENT WITH ** THE FOLLOWING CODE: */ // $xml = $utils->arrayToXml($results); // $path = "output.txt"; // $file = fopen($path, 'w') or die("can't open file"); // fwrite($file,$xml); // fclose($file); Applescript: -- FILE NAME: transmit_actions.scpt -- -- APPLESCRIPT THAT RETURNS A LIST OF THE -- NAMES OF FTP FAVORITES FROM TRANSMIT: --------------------------------------------- set names to {} tell application "Transmit" repeat with fave in favorites set faveName to name of fave set names to names & faveName end repeat end tell tell application "Transmit" to quit return names XML Output: (Abbreviated and formatted...) <?xml version="1.0"?> <items> <item uid="fave-1" arg="Christian et Christine"> <title>Christian et Christine</title> <subtitle>Mount Christian et Christine as volume...</subtitle> <icon>icon.png</icon> <valid>yes</valid> </item> <item uid="fave-2" arg="Clifford Wright"> <title>Clifford Wright</title> <subtitle>Mount Clifford Wright as volume...</subtitle> <icon>icon.png</icon> <valid>yes</valid> </item>
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