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Unit Converter — Convert between different units of measurement

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Convert dimensions via the conv keyword. Type a number to see all available units with their full name and symbol.


Type a unit to filter.


Pressing ↩ on a partial match triggers the autocomplete. See all possible conversion targets when matching a unit exactly.


Type further to filter for target units. Connector words (“to”, “as”, “in”) are optional to help with readability. Rounding precision can be set in the Workflow’s Configuration.


  • ↩: Copy result to clipboard.
  • ⌘↩: Paste result to frontmost app.

Configure the Hotkey or use the Universal Action as shortcuts to convert results from Alfred’s Calculator, Clipboard History, or selected text.


⤓ Install on the Alfred Gallery | Source

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great workflow!

a couple of suggestions:


1) to add the option of showing thousand separators

e.g. speed of light:


2) it would be great to accept as input imperial measurements (e.g. 5ft8in to cm),

3) accept ' for ft and '' for inches (e.g. 5'8'') 


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