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Airmail workflow

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Edit: 2014-05-23


Added some more search context options: subject and starred. Also adjusted the triggers to keep them shorter and simplier to trigger


Edit: 2013-12-23

The 1.3 update to Airmail seems to have broke the way this workflow worked. I'll work on getting it fixed.



I know there is a thread going on in the help portion so I figured I'd share my current Airmail workflow. Right now it has two components: new mail and unified search(Big thank you to David Ferguson for helping me with this one).


Compose new mail:

Super basic as all it does it switch to Airmail and open a new composer window.


Syntax: airmail new


Unified Search:

This relies on Applescript and has two caveats: 1. you have to have unified inbox enabled and 2. if the search field is active it wont work


Syntax: airmail search {query}



At some point I plan to make the compose mail workflow more robust and utilize the Airmail Applescript support, and also expand the unified search to check if the search field is active. I'm just on limited time right now but I at least wanted to get what I have out to peope. Feel free to add or help if you want!


Download: https://github.com/fspinillo/alfred-airmail

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Made some small updates to the workflow now that I've started experimenting with some search context. Hoping to figure out more indepth how to trigger each variable (to, from, etc) and potentially work in user account selection so it doesn't always do unified.

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I will begin working on a fully featured workflow for Airmail3.

There is an airmail API that is accessible by invoking the airmail:// protocol like a magnet link. For example:


will open the application with the message passed through `messageid`

Will post link here when search feature is implemented. I am not sure yet how I will go about retrieving matched requests, so feel free to post your insights 

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6 hours ago, xilopaint said:


It's a keyword with no arguments. You just have to hit enter with no spaces and the compose window will open.


I did that yesterday but it wasn't doing anything, but I found the issue.

I just upgraded from airmail 2 to 3 but the app was still called airmail 2 in the folder.


Fixed, thanx :)




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