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Says the service is not available. I'm guessing his poor server is getting inundated with requests from everyone who just got Alfred 3 with the PowerPack and wants to import from TextExpander and such. Anyone have a mirror?


That said, I'd be happy TO mirror if no one else can, with Daniel's permission, of course.


ETA: Second link worked, even though it looked identical to the first one. o_o;; I just have one TextExpander snippet it couldn't handle-- the massive one from TidBITS. 

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Could you provide the same thing for aText??



We're not aText users, so it'll be down to aText users to identify how aText's snippets are stored and create something similar to the TextExpander tool a helpful Alfred user has created :)



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This website (http://alfred.danieldiekmeier.de/ ) does not seem to be able to be able to convert from aText. I tried to convert as either aText file or as CSV one. Neither worked. I got an error message. Any advice on an easy solution for aText? (FYI: I have no clue how to run this one https://github.com/csepulv/atext2alfred). Thank you for your help! 


Here is the error I am getting trying to convert CSV into Alfred via http://alfred.danieldiekmeier.de/


Error: Wrong Mime Type
   at fileFilter (/home/danjel/te2a3-server/index.js:21:19)
   at wrappedFileFilter (/home/danjel/te2a3-server/node_modules/multer/index.js:43:7)
   at Busboy.<anonymous> (/home/danjel/te2a3-server/node_modules/multer/lib/make-middleware.js:112:7)
   at emitMany (events.js:127:13)
   at Busboy.emit (events.js:201:7)
   at Busboy.emit (/home/danjel/te2a3-server/node_modules/multer/node_modules/busboy/lib/main.js:31:35)
   at PartStream.<anonymous> (/home/danjel/te2a3-server/node_modules/multer/node_modules/busboy/lib/types/multipart.js:213:13)
   at emitOne (events.js:96:13)
   at PartStream.emit (events.js:188:7)
   at HeaderParser.<anonymous> (/home/danjel/te2a3-server/node_modules/multer/node_modules/busboy/node_modules/dicer/lib/Dicer.js:51:16)

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